L.I.L.F.Y.T.R. lyrics

1 John 4:15-17 says, “Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God. We have come to know and have believed the love which God has for us. God is love, and the one who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him. By this, love is perfected with us, so that we may have confidence in the Day of Judgment; because as He is, so also are we in this world.”
These three verses are the key to knowing that you are a true Christian. It holds the belief of the truth of Christ’s gospel in verse 15. The love a Christian should have inside himself, towards God, Christians, and non-believers, in verse 16. And it also shows the perfection of love, through obedience to God in verse 17. If these three lifestyles are true than one day, in heaven, you will find your true reward. Thus, live in Love; find your true reward.
I sit back with this pen and this pad and I rap and I write
to tell others about the light (Jesus)
and of people that were there for me in times of strife
and things I hope to one day find in a wife
the girl who helps me thru the times that aren’t right (unlike Job’s wife)
and when I forget—she’ll bring God back to my sight
But right now that’s not what I want to say
cuz right now I’ve got something else to lay
down for you cuz it’s on my chest
and I can’t get rest til I’ve done my best
to explain this and all the rest of the elements
that I held inside that I needed to let out
that made me feel like I was under a cloud
that was loud with thunder and all I could do was pout
But then I met Christ who was there and just allowed
me to get out from underneath sin’s grasp
which was so tight all I could do was gasp
under the stress and I’d say when asked
that everything was fine then just run away fast
everything was fine then I would run away fast
My name is liL fytr, does it stand for an acronym
Yeah it does, in fact it’s a synonym
for this phrase ima share and not hoard
if you live in love you’ll find your true reward
Just live in love and you’ll find your true reward
live in love and you’ll find your true reward
My name is liL fytr and it means
that if you live in love you’ll find your true reward
Back to verse 1—here was my problem (the only one)
I had no assurance of my salvation (none, zilch, nada)
sure I’d prayed the prayer every year since I was seven (Dear God…)
but it didn’t mean jack cuz it didn’t change my living
I still hated God—didn’t care about the Bible
was depressed, upset, and on the verge of suicide
cuz when God’s not in your life, absolutely nothin’s clear
in fact burning in hell was the one thing I feared
and rightly so cuz that’s where I was headed (cuz of my sin)
John 15:6 says that false Christians go to hell
and I was one of ‘em so I’m here to say
that you need to check yourself to see if you’re truly saved
verse 5 of second Corinthians 13 says to
“examine yourselves to see if you’re in the faith”
and that’s what I’m here to do—I started with myself
I know I’m saved—now it’s your turn
to check yourself before you’re burned (Please oh please)
Cuz if you don’t when you die God could say
“I never knew you get away” (Not a good sign)
“I never knew you get away” (Not a good sign)
I’m here saying that the sinner’s prayer is heresy
just cuz you prayed it doesn’t mean anything
it’s not enough on which to base your eternal destiny
so go ahead and hate me but know I’m called to spread the truth (absolutes)
not some cheesy lie that deceives and causes you to lose
it’s for the following people that I daily pray
All the so called Christians who go around and say
“I love Jesus” or “I follow the way”
or “Jesus died for me” when in reality
They practice the exact opposite of everything they claim
Cussing, smoking, sleeping around every night
and believing in doctrines that aren’t even right (like the Corinthians)
It’s against this I fight because the reason Christ died
was to free you from that life—but you just go and bite
the dust by how you live your life
And you spit in Christ’s face as He hangs on the tree (Hebrews 6:6)
dying brutally in an effort to free
you from all of God’s intense wrath (against sin)
Get on track—follow GOD and not THAT
One thing that gets in the way of you living differently
Live in love find your true reward
Let me break that down for you in the next six bars
(L) Live is life, (I) in is where, (L) and love is God
if you doubt check out First John chapter 4
(F) Find is what you get, (Y) your refers to you
(T) True means real not something fake that’ll pass
And (R) reward is your prize at the end of the track
So just live in love and you’ll find your true reward
In John 15:6, Jesus says, “If anyone does not abide in me, he is thrown away as a branch and dries up; and they gather them, and cast them into the fire and they are burned.”
Have you ever wondered, as I have on many occasions, “What if the branch Jesus is talking about here is me”? Or maybe, more specifically, “How can I know that I really am a Christian”?
If you’ve ever asked those questions, this message may be just for you. And, in case you were wondering, many people who think that they are Christians have seriously deceived themselves. Jesus addressed this himself in the Sermon on the Mount.
In Matthew 7:21-23, Jesus says, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘lord, lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. Many will say to me on that day, ‘lord, lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name cast out demons, and in your name perform many miracles?’ and then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.’
This verse goes along with John 15:6 in that it had me seriously questioning my salvation to make sure I was saved. And by questioning, I don’t mean asking myself if I prayed a prayer one time. I don’t mean looking at the people around me to see how I compare. And I don’t mean making myself emotionally charged at the thought of Jesus dying for my sins.
I mean looking at my life— comparing it to what the Bible says is true of a Christian, and seeing how I compare. You should do the same. Compare everything to scripture.
I think if you were to take the average Christian today, compare his knowledge with the average pilgrim who came over here 400 years ago, it would be sad to make that comparison. Even worse, flocks today have been conditioned to such a point that their spiritual stomachs can only digest milk, and it’s too painful for them to eat spiritual meat.[i]
Check it out dude—we’re talking about the Bible
it’s God’s Word—it’s transforming and it’s vital
Like AM-PM it’s got too much good stuff
And man I just can’t get enough
it’s a well in which you’ll never hit the bottom
it tells stories of David, Jesus, and a place called Sodom
But it’s all one story—let me explain
in the beginning with a curse. The record of the Saints. Amen
B-I-B-L-E means basic instructions before leaving earth
it’s a user’s manual on life—it’s full of worth
it’s good for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16)
seriously the Bible is awesome—stop fighting this
it will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from it
Psalm 119 is long cuz it’s a Biblical uses list
Not at all confusing—it’s written quite clearly
I said it ain’t at all mixed up—it’s written quite clearly
With all these facts why are sermons so dry?
cuz there’s more than enough to significantly supply
A sermon full of meat—we don’t want milk
where’s the beef like Wendy’s—this is filth
but the sad truth is that most don’t take any time
to study the word at all—sin’s at an all-time high
especially in America—founded as a Christian nation (Uh-oh)
Now looks more like an abomination…
The colonies, all thirteen of them, were Christian in their principles, their laws, and their ethics. The Bible was the standard of conduct. And even some of the Founding Fathers—most were believers, but some weren’t—even the unbelieving ones like Thomas Jefferson still said that the Bible is how civic virtue would be instilled in citizens. There was shame attached to you if you went to the saloon and got drunk, there was shame attached to you if you were known as a fornicator, there was shame attached to adultery—even the death penalty actually—and there was shame attached to witchcraft. I mean, the thing is this isn’t good stuff. It’s all out in the open. Drinking, drug abuse, violence, total sexual licentiousness, and broken families are now the norm.i
Isaiah chapter 3, verses 8 and nine say,
For Jerusalem has stumbled and Judah has fallen
Because their speech and their actions are against the LORD
To rebel against His glorious presence
The expression of their faces bears witness against them
And they display their sin like Sodom
They do not even conceal it. Woe to them
For they have brought evil on themselves”
Do you see any parallels in that passage, people?
like the fact that our society is blatantly evil?
proud of the fact that sex really does sell (Carl’s Jr.)
Proud of the fact when “Christian” leaders fell
Proud of every single thing that isn’t ever good
But praising the leaders of the ghetto hood
Seriously twisted but look at the Bible—therein
When Jerusalem and Judah fell—it was cuz of sin (nothing but sin)
Proverbs 14:34 says that “righteousness exalts a nation
but sin is a disgrace” to anyone
And if God is righteous as Daniel 9:14 says (holy, holy, holy)
then He distances Himself from all forms of sin—ima digress
and just flat out say our nation’s headed downhill
cuz there’s not one iota of righteousness on our bill
Judgment is coming like Jerusalem’s and Judah’s (Beware)
America’s worshipping idols—not God—like giant Buddhas
And so, our culture, in its total paganism, it’s the church’s own fault. Because we have failed in our stewardship of God’s Word. And so I think that there’s gonna be some people, mainly pastors to be honest, that are gonna have to also answer at the Bema seat for the culture’s total pagan outlook, because it’s their fault for not spurring on their flocks to then take stands and spurring on a Christian culture. We’re now the ones who shame’s attached to us, but if it was, if we were distinctly Christian as we should be and the culture was, then they would actually be the ones who have shame attached to them. Think about that. Three hundred years ago our brothers and sisters left us with a distinctly Christian culture. What have we done with it?i
Cheesy preaching these days has dragged our nation down (Titanic)
Philosophically and morallFootnotes: y— the ship has run aground
Hebrews 4:13— the Bible is a sword to defeat sin (Ephesians 6:17)
expository preachin is most important according to Shai Linne
Pastors should be preachin only God’s revealed truth (nothing but the truth)
it’s seen in second timothy chapter 4 verse 2
“preach the Word. in season and out of season”
don’t add to the word or take away— that’s called treason
(Revelation) 22:18 and 19 state the heavy price
that gets paid by anyone who is tricked and enticed
to change the words of God— making Him a fraud (cursed)
Isaiah 40:8 proves the futility of that job
ima go out on a limb and say the Bible can hold its own
it’s got everything in it— it don’t need a show
just study it thoroughly and bring the news to your sheep (preach it!)
and trust that God will bring them to true belief (trust Him!)
if this can be done then society has a chance
I’m rapping for revival— you might call me whack
but this is my call so say what you want
my closing lines are a children’s song that puts it very blunt
The B-I-B-L-E— yes that’s the book for me (The only one! The only one!)
I stand alone on the Word of God— the B-I-B-L-E (Standing alone on it!)
yep, the B-I-B-L-E— yes that’s the book for me (The only one! The only one!)
I stand alone on the Word of God— the B-I-B-L-E (Standing alone on it!)
And so it’s proof that the Word of God alone is what has the power to transform both our thinking and our living. And if we all do this then we also affect the culture as well. And so the problem is, you know, most people just let the Bible collect dust, and if you do that it can’t do anything for you. The Bible doesn’t have the power to change you if you don’t read it. And if you want proof of that just look at the lives of the majority of people who call themselves Christians.i
Pick up a Bible and read it man. It only takes about 106 to read the whole thing. So don’t say you can’t set aside twenty minutes a day to get through the whole thing once a year.
Don’t start praising me, bro. I’m just the messenger of the King. Praise the King. The messenger is not greater than the message, let alone the sender. Give Him the glory. Soli Deo Gloria.
The word glory is in the book of Psalms sixty-two times
Pointing to God eighty percent of those times
So I think that we should take that to mean
that God deserves our utmost respect you see
You and me need to give it all to Him
every single day—not just on a random whim
Every part of our life should glorify His name
Doing everything for Him—not for personal fame
Spiritually lame is where that’ll leave you
So give Him all the glory—don’t misconstrue
the facts that He’s holy and glorious
and deserves to be treated like it by us
My God is holy, holy, holy
My God is holy, holy, holy
So daily ima give Him all the glory (all of it! all of it!)
And let Him know that He is worthy (Worthy worthy)
How is the proper way to treat someone who’s holy? (Good question)
Here’s an easy way— give yer life to Him fully
Well, maybe not easy, but it’s what you gotta do
Look in the Bible— I’ll prove that it’s true
In Luke 9 Jesus says to deny yourself and follow Him
That phrase “deny yourself” may seem grim (Christianity ain’t easy)
But that’s the best way that you can give yourself fully
and glorify a mighty God who is also holy (holy, holy, holy)
That’s what your life should be
service to the One who died on the tree
Because if He had not humbled himself and done it
Then eternal life for you and me would for sure be forfeit (Amen)
Throw yo hands up to the sky right now
Fall on yer knees and cry out “Wow
God, I can’t understand how You could trade
All your glory for a grisly death in my place”
Throw yo hands up to the sky right now
Fall on yer knees and cry out “Wow
God, I can’t understand how You could trade
All your glory for a grisly death in my place”
“God, I can’t understand how You could trade
All your glory for a grisly death in my place”
God deserves glory. Look at Psalm 29:1-2. “Ascribe to the Lord o sons of the mighty, Ascribe to the Lord glory and strength. Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name; worship the Lord in His holy array.” Christians are children of God. God is mighty. Therefore, we are sons of the mighty. We should be ascribing glory to God. So often though, we get caught up in life and forget to glorify Him.
Look at Luke 17:11-19. It’s the story of ten lepers Jesus healed. He told them to visit the priest. They were healed on their way from Jesus to the priest. One of them decided to turn back and we will pick it up at the end of verse 15. “(he) turned back, glorifying God with a loud voice, and he fell on his face at His feet, giving thanks to Him. And he was a Samaritan. Then Jesus answered and said, “Were there not ten cleansed? But the nine— where are they? Was no one found who returned to give glory to God, except this foreigner?” And He said to him, “Stand up and go; your faith has made you well.”
Only one came back to give God glory. Only one. Ten were healed, but nine were too caught up in the moment to acknowledge God in the event. This is often us as well. God has healed all Christians from the sickness of sin, but most go on everyday as if nothing ever happened. I challenge you to stop being the nine. Be the one instead. And glorify God for healing you.
I was born in a Christian home, and I decided to believe in Jesus at a young age, and I believed Him with all my heart, but when I was two I had had a stroke. Last February I got so mad at God I finally just flat out told Him, “Forget You. You’re not helping. I don’t believe in You. You’re probably not real anyways.
And then I was at a camp last summer (July of 2010) and the theme was Talmidim, which literally means in Hebrew, “covered in the dust of your rabbi.” And it was there I realized that God wants me to not just believe in Him, He wants me to follow Him so closely that I’m covered with Him. And I realized also that it’s not me getting stuff from God that makes me a Christian, because God already gave me everything that He needed to give me by sending His Son to die for my sins.[ii]
His grace is amazing— I can’t get past it
I don’t know how without Him I ever lasted
cuz life makes much more sense with Him on my side (not pennies and dimes)
rather than attempting to solve my own strife
cuz I’m dark on my own with no light at all
but I reflect the Son’s light (That’s S-O-N light) since I received the call
I’m walking in the Light—cuz it’s easier to see (1 John 1)
than walking in the dark—and running into everything (verses 5-7)
I hope it’s not confusing— I’m being plain honest
and I’m pouring out truth like water from a faucet
Lost it?— no way— I’m still rhyming just fine
about God who sent Jesus to pay mine (it was pricy)
while I was living my way— then God got a hold of me (irresistible)
I walked away with a Son (S-O-N) burn and fell down on my knees
it’s a lifestyle switch cuz it really hurts
when God proves that you were headed to Hell in a hearse
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound (It’s music to my ears)
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now I’m found
Was blind but now I see (Thank You Jesus)
Let’s get a snapshot of my old image
Before Christ came in and just straight rummaged
it around—my house during spring cleaning
it’s so freeing to know that instead of fleeing
from God towards false happiness I’m now clinging
to Him cuz false happiness is just that— false
I lost so much time runnin from Him
Romans 1 verses 28 through 32 was my old life
so read it there or just listen up cuz here I go
I was a philanderer, slanderer, hater of God
hypocrite, liar, lustful, disobedient, fraud
And very anti-God— I’d even cursed Him to His face
But Jesus paid it all— it’s such amazing grace
so to my knees I’ll fall cuz that’s my rightful place
Ephesians 2:8-9 completely explains my salvation
And verse ten is why I’m here ministering and rapping
Jesus is my Savior—allow me to explain
John 3:16—God loved the world—so Jesus came
to Earth—died for my sin—and rose again
But like I said—I was living my way
so what Jesus did for me is truly amazing grace (and mercy)
and it’s all because of Him that I’m alive
so everyday all I will do is strive
to live for Him and proclaim His Name
and spread His fame and preach of His grace
cuz there are a lot more people who are just like me
who need Jesus to come and free
them from their old life of sin and hate
and lust and everything else that attempts to gain
the place that God deserves in their lives—call me lame
But I don’t care cuz I’ve got a message to share (John 14:6)
Jesus is the only way to God— I said it— so there
If a person went out and bought you a brand new model of your dream car, how would you react? I’m sure you would accept it. But then would you spit in their face, cuss them out, and say dirty things about them behind their back? I doubt it. That wouldn’t match up with how much gratitude you would have toward them for the free gift they bought for you.
I feel like many people who claim to be Christians act the same way towards God’s free offer of salvation. Paul felt the same way, and he instructed the Roman church on it clearly. Read Romans 6:1-2. “What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin so that grace may increase? May it never be! How shall we who died to sin still live in it?”
People think that since they are saved by grace, they are free to sin all they want so that can forgive them even more. “May it never be!” Paul declared vehemently. Or in other words, “Why in the world would you possibly think that that was the case?”
1 Peter 4:3 explains, “For the time already past is sufficient for you to have carried out the desires of the Gentiles, having pursued a course of sensuality, lusts, drunkenness, carousing, drinking parties, and abominable idolatries.” The “time already past” was before you were saved by God’s grace. You are already guilty in His eyes of many, if not all, of the things listed in Peter’s list. Every one of which is enough— in and of itself— to damn you to hell for eternity. Thank goodness for Roman’s 6:23— the solution to the problem. “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
As Matthew Henry states in his commentary, “Sinners merit hell, but saints do not merit heaven.” I challenge you; live a life of gratitude toward God for allowing you to go to heaven one day. Die to sin and refuse to live in it any longer!
Let it, let it, let it, let it, let it, let it go
Let it, let it, let it, let it, let it, let it go
Anything distractin you from givin God yer all
Let it, let it, let it, let it, let it, let it go
Let it, let it go, let it, let it go
Let it go, let it go, let it, let it go
Anything distractin you from givin God yer all
Let it, let it, let it, let it, let it, let it go
i spit this verse to prove that Adam’s curse is in a hearse
and yes i daily thirst for the words of God man
and when im done rapping tonight ill be reading them cuz they right
they explain how to live life to properly glorify Christ
who died giving up His life in love for you so you could live in love as well
and tell the world about Christ and the alternative (Hell)
I mentioned Adam’s curse— that’s known as sin (Romans 5)
Jesus put it in a hearse— cuz He took it on Him (verse 8)
And died for your sin 2000 years ago, homie
So you wouldn’t hafta drown in its sea
cuz like Paul says in Romans 6— we are free (redeemed)
released from sin—so why would we want to live in it daily
but the sad truth is that most don’t understand
and think they’re free but they’re really still trapped
ima rap and say it don’t have to be this way
cuz faith in Christ don’t allow for sinful play
there’s balance to legalism and licentiousness
cuz Christianity ain’t no license to mess
around with chicks—get drunk, do drugs, smoke weed
But it’s also not don’t do this, don’t do that—see
Christ came to earth to set us free from sin (1 Peter 4:3)
He didn’t bind us to more regulations
Cuz rules can’t save—Genesis 15:6 (Abram man)
From the beginning faith’s been what sticks
And if you love Christ you will hate the old
Committing sin will leave you feeling cold (blizzard)
So you don’t have to follow all the rules (they’re a mirror)
You’ll want to bro—I ain’t a fool (to compare yourself to)
It’s plain in the Bible—God’s Holy Word
Colossians 3 talks about a new man—not a bird
That flies right back to its old life
The new man strives to live solely for Christ (Galatians 2:20)
ima live in love to find my true reward homie
so that on the last day i wont be trippin bout my destiny
but dont get me wrong this aint works based salvation
cuz noones good enough to earn it by workin
you gotta trust God and give Him the reins of your life
so He can steer you outta danger when its sharper than a knife
cuz if He ain’t the one in control of yer life
it will be overrun with tons of strife (hell for eternity)
this ain’t a salvation song— don’t get me wrong
it’s called sanctification— it will take a long (Hebrews 10:14)
time to finish its work— not until you die
but you should see the effects in yer everyday life (Romans 12:2)
gettn rid of sin and putting on God (closet change)
so yer not called a hypocrite— or worse a fraud
when you die by God— cuz you lived life for you
lyin, thievin, masturbation— let it go— SOON
And what many don’t understand today is the weight of sin. It is heavy and serious, because at the other end of the spectrum, at the other end of sin, is God. That’s who we have offended. That’s who we have transgressed. And to take either of those lightly, we miss the point, and it is to Him that these sins are committed. That’s what’s not understood. Revelation 22 verse 15: “Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and the sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.”[iii]
Dude listen up— yeah I'm talking to you (yes you!)
seriously why when you see a girl do you just ooh  (why!?!)
and ah and drool over yourself—I doubt it's cuz you think she’s cool (don’t say it)
its lust— precursor to sex— don't deny it
I've been around long enough to see people try it (I’m guilty too)
but STOP— becuz it's called abuse (mental sexual abuse)
her body ain't yours—you just live to use it
to please yourself and when lustin ain’t enough
you get her in between the sheets of yer bed for a night or a week
then you kick her to the streets
but she ain’t the only thing hitting the curb
cuz you’ve also trashed God’s gift of sex into the dirt
and once you meet the next girl the cycle will repeat
get married know your wife— anything else is wrong
this whole topic goes back a very long way
Jesus said in Matthew 5 that if you lust
you’ve committed adultery in yer heart— you must
STOP— do whatever it takes— Jesus said to chop
off yer hand, gouge out yer eye, but listen cuz its not literal
just do whatever it takes
to escape the weight of this serious sin
Love ain't sex and sex ain't love (No! No!)
love is God and God is love (Yes! Yes!)
He's the one who created the gift of sex
and when it’s misused He’s the one being sinned against
The human heart can make us think anything. Don’t ever trust it. We need to trust truth. We need to trust the Word. We need to trust what is real.
Women can fall into this just as easily. Nobody is safe from the sins of sexual immorality. What is important here is to grasp the connection between the eye and the heart. This is what Christ is teaching. That committing this in your heart is the same as the very act itself.iii
Girl listen up— now I'm talkin to you (yes you!)
seriously why do rant and rave about some random guy’s abs (why!?!)
you know what that is— lust— a very bad habit
But you think— “oh he’s so hot and he will never know”
But guess what— God knows and you committed adultery in yer heart
cuz Jesus said that lust is equal to that
And against it He has a very strong stance
romance is fine but don’t lust for it— the chances
are good that one day you’ll be married and have a husband
to whom you should give yourself to intimately
so don’t throw it away on other guys or romance novels
Please— they’re so fake— like adultery
Seriously— read the Bible— see like Jesus
that you needa do whatever it takes to escape
the weight of this sin— choppin off limbs, gouging out eyes
but not literally— it means taking the steps to flee
from sexual sin cuz it’ll devour you
and overcome your whole life til it’s filled with strife
So listen to these thoughts— don’t take the world’s bait
cuz I know for a fact yer bankin on eternity in heavens gates
Love ain't sex and sex ain't love (No! No!)
love is God and God is love (Yes! Yes!)
He's the one who created the gift of sex
and when it’s misused He’s the one being sinned against
He gives no signs in the Scriptures of ever taking sin lightly. For He does understand its terrible price. Jesus did not say just walk away or be careful, this could lead to trouble. No, He said something extreme and He said it to get His point across and to implicate His audience in something that they had, they thought they had no problem with. “Oh, we don’t struggle with this, I’ve never murdered, I’ve never committed adultery.” Wrong!iii
I know yer probably thinking, “ive never done that”
but that’s a lie— if not I wouldn’t write this rap
cuz I know firsthand how dreadfully hard it is to beat
it’s why the Bible repeatedly says to flee… (RUN)
Proverbs, Matthew, Paul, and John all repeat the theme of this song (Flee from lust)
so listen up and don’t get me wrong
this is another wrong that nailed Christ to the cross
and I’m at a loss everytime I fail and lust
and so the next time I must fight temptation just
like you should the next time yer faced with it
so for you I spit these bars about staring down Satan
and standing under pressure by running from this sin
you can do anything if Jesus gives you strength
Philippians 4:13— God gives you access to go to any length
against sin— cuz He’s God and He hates it
cuz sin’s dirt— and a Holy God is clean
Love ain’t sex— naw, you already know— so FLEE!
Man, He says cast it from you. It’s still too close. We must not pamper it. Flirt with it. Enjoy nibbling a little bit around the edges of this sin. See how close we can get without actually sinning. See we’re to hate it. We’re to crush it. We’re to dig it out. Paul says, “Flee from sexual immorality.” Run!
If I had this rattlesnake and I could prove to you scientifically that this rattlesnake—his striking distance is eighteen inches—would you feel safe going up to nineteen inches and putting your hand out?
We shouldn’t be anywhere near that rattlesnake.iii
Sin is nasty, but it I can’t escape
As long as I’m on earth, I’ll fail everyday
but that don’t change the fact that it’s something I hate
so daily I’ll cling tighter to Your grace
and pray for sanctification and a growing hate
for sin—give me a growing hate for sin
I want a growing hate for sin
I want a growing hate for sin
Dear God, I failed last night so I’m on my knees
begging Your forgiveness—please be gracious to me
Sin is cosmic treason and it stabs You in the heart
cuz from Your only Son You had to part to clean my heart
But I sinned again and I feel so unclean
So please create a clean heart in me, keep me under Your wing
I love You so much it’s the reason I sing
I’m asking for mercy—1 John 1:9—You’re forgiving
Reading through the Bible shows me Your wrath against sin
And when it came to denial—both Judas and Peter did
But let me be Peter—and run right back to You
I wanna be free from sin—You know it’s true
1 John 1:8 says that if I say I have no sin
I’m a liar, a fake, a fraud—not a Christian
So please continue sanctifying me into the image of Your Son
and when I stumble and fall to You I’ll run
Dear God, I’ve had a decent streak this week
don’t let me get haughty—show me I’m dirty
So I never get comfy—I’ll be that in heaven
but on earth for You alone I’m workin
Show me my sin—bring it to mind
so I can make war on it—You’re forever mine
and sin is temporary in this body of mine
(Romans) 7:14-24 shows the battle within
and the next two verses show Who eternally wins
so show me my sins so I can fight again
never let me get comfortable with Your forgiveness
cuz I don’t want to be the person in Hebrews 6:6
When I hear Him say “forgive them” and He gives up His life
I realize it was my life that caused Him this strife
so help me fight my fleshly nature of sin
until the  day I go to heaven—the day You win
Lemme take you back in time with this little rhyme
to a point in time when the world is ruled by Rome
before Christians were hiding out in the catacombs
a Jewish rabbi is hanging weakly on a tree
Nailed to a cross— bloodied, beaten, bruised— can you see
the nails in his hands and feet the crown of thorns in his head
with a crowd gathered around him waiting for his death
losing blood— gasping for breath— his disciples had fled
he feels totally alone as his mother kneels below
totally blown away that her son is in such agony
can you see the scene— does it hurt to be imagining
its saddening to think that this really happened
in the scene the sky’s pitch black— it’s only 3 pm
Cuz Jesus Christ is condemned and hemmed up and dies
the sky rumbles with thunder and an earthquake shakes the ground
and the temple veil is torn in two from the sound
This is history— the story of everything
His story— why He had to give everything
History is His Story— did you catch that?
History is God’s story— otherwise we’re still trapped (in sin)
Jesus is the climax— Isreal is the intro
but that’s just the first act— there’s still a part two
Christians are the opening— Jesus is the closing act (the second coming)
History is His Story— History is His Story
Let’s go back even further in time with this rhyme
to a point in time when some people are in a desert
called Sinai— where there’s lots of dirt— I’m not gonna flirt
around the issues—a priest with two goats is herdin
them toward the temple cuz it’s atonement day
sacrifices that cover the peoples’ sinful ways
It gets bloody—watch as the priest takes a knife
Slits the goats throat and blood pours out around the sides
Of the altar—then the priest spreads it everywhere
To cleanse sin—don’t blink, continue to stare
He keeps going—the blood is just step one
Cuz atonement has to be properly done
With the other goat the priest grabs it by the horns
And confesses sin onto it—hate, strife, scorn
And sends it into the wilderness to remove sin
From where they were livin—do you see it happenin?
do you see the point through all this time travel
that these two events are connected— let me unravel
the facts— blood holds life, sin brings death
so everyone’s living in death, this fact I can’t overstress
so the answer to the problem was that one day per year
the high priest would go butcher a goat and smear
it’s blood everywhere and send another one outside
the city to remove the sin from where the people would abide
and 1.5 millenia later Jesus became the sacrifice
So we’d never have to do this at all in our lives
He was nailed to a cross outside the city
and His blood was smeared around everywhere— feel pity
and thank Him for giving up His own life
and raising again so you’d never have to die for your sin
Cuz you’re a sinner dude— please don’t deny
Just believe in His sacrifice and receive eternal life
Do you see the story in history yet? It’s all God. His sovereign and gracious plan to save mankind. Sending Christ to Earth, pouring out His holy wrath on Him, and raising Him from the dead three days later.
But did you think that was the end? Oh no. We just getting started.
let’s speed ahead to a moment in time
with this rhyme to when Jesus Christ appears shining
on the clouds clothed in robes of blood on a horse—white
knocking down His enemies with the words of His mouth
the counterattack goes south—no more doubt—sinners start to pout
the saints cry out—exclaiming Holy Holy Holy—very loud
Christ is king and He’s victorious—no one knows the day
when He returns in glory—so trust Him and repent today
cuz if you don’t you’ll be trying to hide from His all-seeing eyes
that are flames of fire—futility (cleaning up your life)
Trust Christ otherwise you’ll be terrified of Him
confess your sins—big and small—and start loving
righteousness and truth—the King of Kings—sin will be fĭn
well fīn, but you know what I mean
Jesus is coming as conqueror—the question for you
is will you believe in Him or just ignore this great truth
Honestly I have no idea who you are going to be, but I just want to take a few seconds right now to say thank you for being perfectly described in Proverbs 31. Verses ten through twelve say it right. “An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, And he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil All the days of her life.” That passage just soothes my mind every time I read it.
Dear God, right now I’m prayin for the girl
who I will marry one day and will mean the world
to me— the one I will treat like the most precious pearl
and on cold winter nights together we’ll curl
up in bed like two squirrels in a tree
And You know, it’s really hard to believe
That she could be more amazing than other girls— You see
over the years I’ve talked to quite a few who be
so cool— its hard to believe that there is better for me
But I know there is cuz if I just wait and see
I’ll find her and care for her with all that’s in me
And she and I will live happily together in matrimony
But right now I just pray that You’re keeping her safe
And preparing her for that one anticipated day
When I look into her eyes and just gaze
without stopping cuz I’ll be too awestruck to speak anyways
I also pray that she follows You with all her life
So that when times are filled with lots of strife
She can lean on You cuz she knows You’re her type
and You have the answer to everything in this life
And if she strives and searches in You she’ll find
Everything she wants to know in her beautiful mind
One final request is that You’ll safely bind
Her and protect her so that I can look and find her
I’m praying for her, prayin for me
Prayin for us, and what we will be
I’m prayin about the day when I look her in the eyes
And ask, “will you marry me and love me until the day you die?”
I’m praying for you, prayin for me
Prayin for us, and what we will be
I can’t wait until God brings you to me
But while I wait, know I’m praying for us— you and me
I’m praying for you— what I mean is this
I pray for people that I miss and right now that’s you
You and only you though I doubt we’ve even met
But one day we will— God already has the date set
I’m praying for you that you save yourself for me
Though if you once made a mistake don’t worry about it— you see
God loved you first and forgave all your crimes
So since I truly love you too I’ll do the same and call you mine
I’m praying for me that I’ll be the best husband ever
Not just that but also the best dad and lover
I pray that I put your needs and wants way ahead of mine
And that I never forget to take the time
to show you that I care in the littlest ways
Even if I had just had a horrible day
I’m also praying that I remain a virgin for you
And the night we are wed I’ll lose it to you
I’m praying for us that we’ll shine a light
In the world that’s bright, or just reflect the Light
I’m praying for us that we’ll stay committed
One to the other until the day we’re admitted
Into God’s kingdom when our bodies die out
And our souls go to heaven where they’ll never cry out
But for now take my hand as we travel through life
Starting the day we become husband and wife
I don’t know who you are I don’t know who you be
But I promise you that you’ll mean everything to me
Every single day I’ll treat you like the queen you are to me
And if you ever find that false, remind me of that guarantee
Cuz I plan to treat you better than I treat me
Cuz you deserve nothing but the best you see
I want you to remember the following from the start
You already hold the most special place inside my heart
Proverbs 31 is only one half of the coin though. Look at Ephesians 5:25 and 28-29. These are my theme verses starting the day we are wed. “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her…So husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his own wife loves himself; for no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ also does the church.”
In this same way I will strive to give myself up for you, nourish and cherish you, and love you until the day I die. I can’t wait to meet you!
Isaiah 44:6-7 says, “Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel and His Redeemer, the Lord of hosts: ‘I am the first and I am the last, And there is no God besides Me. ‘Who is like Me? Let him proclaim and declare it; Yes, let him recount it to Me in order, From the time that I established the ancient nation. And let them declare to them the things that are coming And the events that are going to take place.”
I wish I could look eight years down the road
to see what I’ll be doing at that point in time (don’t you?)
will I still be rapping and spitting my rhymes
Or will I be preaching Your word to Your people, Yahweh
Thinking these thoughts makes my mind go insane
But will I have a wife who’s way more than sane (please)
Will I still talk to the girl I like—I mean
I sure hope so—I really want her for my team
By then will I have a son or daughter that’s mine
Who I can cherish and hold and praise and adore
Who calls me daddy and waits at the door
For me to get home and answers the phone
When I call to tell my darling wife I’ll be there soon
Only You know if it will but I hope all that can be
But I don’t know yet so I’ll just wait and see
What the omniscient You has in store just for me (it’ll be good)
God knows the plans He has for you (yes He does)
Cuz He knows the plans He has for me too (yes He does)
So when you feel like your life is out of control
Just remember He’s there and His plans won’t fall through (they won’t)
Eight years from now where will I be
In a desert in Cali cuz my years there aren’t yet forty (I hope not)
Or will I live in Colorado where they’ve got green trees (please)
Wherever it is God, take me where You please
Maybe even to a foreign country as a missionary
Cuz my life is in Your hands—I want beautiful feet
Romans 10:15 says it all, but it’s your choice not mine (Your will)
Right now I’m just waiting—putting my thoughts in a rhyme
Guidance and direction—not even a physical sign
Just guide me where You will—make it a straight line (Proverbs 3)
Not easy, just plain—You know what I mean (verse 5 through 8)
Whatever it is let my life exemplify Your Name
I’m out for Your glory not my own fame
God You know how much I hope all of this can be
But I don’t know yet so I’ll just wait and see
What the omniscient You has in store just for me (it’ll be good)
Eight years from now—You know where I’ll be
I’ll be where You planned—Psalm 139:16
Reading Isaiah repeats the fact that You’re sovereign
And that I don’t need to waste time botherin
And worryin about what I’m supposed to do, where I’m supposed to be
Cuz You know all the plans You have for me
And I might make plans myself but Proverbs says
In 16:9 that You control my steps
Eight years from now—You know what I’ll be
I’ll be what You planned—Psalm 139:16
Husband, writer, father, janitor
teacher, student, rapper, pastor,
No matter what—I’ll give You the glory
I just pray that You’ll continue to use my story
Well, with all that said I’m trusting You
Cuz God, You’re amazing, good, loving—it’s true
God issued a challenge in Isaiah 44:7 to anyone who thinks they can predict the future. The fact that He challenges it proves that no one else can, because if anyone could, He wouldn’t be declaring that no one is like Him, because someone would be. Keep this in mind when thinking about the future. Trust God and His Word for answers! They can’t be found anywhere else.
“Hey liL fytr, who’s this Savior you are always talking about? I’m curious.”
You’re asking me about my Savior? I’m glad you bring that up. Let me explain.
Ask me about my savior
yeah ask me about my savior
He saved my life—He can save yours too
So listen up cuz its quite true
Ask me about Him— He is Jesus Christ
and He’s the only reason I have eternal life (the only one)
He’s awesome, He’s God, I’m weak, He’s strong
and He steers me away when I’m going wrong (He does)
so ask me about Him— and the signs He gives
walking on water, healing the sick, making dead guys live
He’s amazing and I’ll never quit proclaiming it (NEVER)
to the people I meet— but that’s not it
Jesus is Lord— He’s holy and awesome
and just and good— He causes flowers to blossom
created the possums and all other creatures
so listen up cuz Christ is the feature
of this presentation— and His love is crazy
He clears my head when my vision gets hazy
daily I’m praising His glorious name (glory, glory)
and constantly proclaiming His fame— call me insane— or
Ask me about Him— He’s lord of my life
JESUS CHRIST— the name I’ll shout and proclaim
day to day thru my life and thru this game
I have no shame cuz I’m no longer a slave
to sin— my savior broke all those bonds
not James— shackles man— don’t get me wrong
But since I’ve been forever freed from sin
I’ll slave for Christ embracing Him til the end (I’m a slave)
Jesus is good— and He’s holy
He ain’t at all hood— and He’s not my homeboy
He’s the savior of my soul— died for my sin
This is the gospel— share it with all yo kin
Or ask me about Him— there’s tons more to share (John 21:25)
but this song’s coming to it’s end but there’s
one last thing I need to leave with you
Jesus is Lord— died, raised, and lives— it’s true
My friend, if you had, one more shot, or one more opportunity, to get your life back on the right path—one more chance—would you take it, or would you just let it pass you by?
Your eyes are tired; legs weak, lungs are fired
There’s a hole in your heart that’s showing, very deep going
You’re scared but on the outside, you act all easygoing
To look cool, but you just keep on blowing
Off all your friends, the guys who’d stuck with you
You opened your mouth and it just flew
Now you’re trapped in sin and people see you as a failure now
You say when your time’s up you're just gonna go back
And I hafta say you’re on crack, cuz no one normal says that
Only idiots wanna stay in jail and I don’t think you’re one
I’m here to remind you of the Son of Man who’s come
To this earth to save some guys from all the evil things they’ve done
He knew you’d mess yourself up and cause problems
That’s why I’m writing you this poem
To remind you of Him who can fill your life up over the brim
And you just keep throwin it away and now I hafta say
Don’t lose yourself in these times this trouble
Its rubble, you’d better find yourself today
God is calling you even though you’ve strayed
Because His son was the ransom that He paid
He sent Him to die on a cross was slew
It’s true, and that’s why I hafta say
God is calling you even though you strayed
And His gaze you cannot ever evade
I know I’m talking about a God who is saving
And you should definitely keep listening
Cuz if you don’t I guarantee you’ll lose your soul
It will stay as black as a piece of coal
Your life’s getting harder, it’s getting hotter
You need to meet the Father who lives up in heaven
You might have prayed a prayer when you was seven
but you still need to change it’s not too late to exchange
You can give God your mistakes and He will make you His son
And when you die He could say well done
If you just turn your back on all the things you’ve done
Give God your life and you can live forever one day
You can escape the fires of hell
That’s what I tell and pray you flee your old life
The one that’s filled with so much strife
All I’m saying is consider being free like the fish in the sea
Seriously, I know we’ve had some good times
And that is why I’m writing you this rhyme
Cuz if you ever wanna make more memories
You’ll need to add a new chapter to your life story
You can do it if you let God make your life better
He’ll break you free from the things that fetter
Your soul— the things that leave you trapped in sin
You can escape and run the race to win
If you just pray and ask forgiveness
Your life will look dim much less
And maybe one day we can hang out
But until that day I have no doubt that we cannot hang out
Because unless you change all I can do is pray
Cuz I’ve come a long way from where you started taking me
And I don’t want that and you should break free
Leave your mess in the past and repent really fast
So you can leave your sinful ways at last
I promise you will feel better if you do
And if you believe and live it God will never leave you
For a start please just take my request to heart
Oh yes I have just one more thing
Can you please stop using your cigarettes and smoking
And also stop using your swear words to cuss
I promise you I’m praying, your homie, Josh Wingerd
If you just believe, God will set you free, man… peace
I actually got the name Lil Fighter from my best friend. He told me, “Dude, if you’re going to rap, you need a good rapper name. Since you’re small and since you’re a rebel, you should call yourself Lil Fighter.” I instantly agreed.
However, I felt there were too many letters in F-I-G-H-T-E-R, so I condensed it down to F.Y.T.R. The main focus was still about me being a rebel against family, society, and God.
Then God got a hold of me at a summer camp. I still wanted to rap and I liked the name “Lil Fytr,” so I looked for Biblical support for it. First John 4:15-17 stuck out at me. Specifically verse sixteen. “We have come to know and have believed the love which God has for us. God is love, and the one who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.” That is where L-I-L or “live in love,” came from. “Find your true reward” is a rough paraphrase of verse seventeen about having confidence during judgment.
And yes, there is a double meaning in the name. I’m young and I’m a fighter. I’m a soldier of Christ. A soldier of the cross. A soldier of the gospel. Ephesians 6:14-17 says, “Stand firm therefore, having girded your loins with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; in addition to all, taking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” This is what I’m striving for.
Second Timothy 2:4 sums up the second meaning of my name.
 “No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier.”
I’m young, but I’m standing my ground for Christ. And you can’t say or do anything that will change my mind about that.
My name is lil fytr so daily ima fight
the good fight of faith by how I live my life
And if the whole world hates me I wont really care
because God's is the only opinion i will care to listen to
and share in my rhymes cuz time is runnin dry (Hebrews 10)
and the worlds movin closer and closer to judgement day (verse 25)
so hear the gospel with yer ears and with yer heart obey
and read the Bible every single day and do what it says
cuz if you don’t bro, the end game is hell
so I must tell you about the only escape route which is faith
in the Lord Jesus Christ who died the hour after the eighth
for every sin I committed—the whole idea seems crazy
but I’m eternally thankful that He saved me
so now ima proclaim it so that others can see (shout it out)
God’s grace for themselves—it’ll transform their lives
So others can see a new soldier reppin the Christ
Fight, fight, fight, yes that’s what we do
Fight, fight, fight, yes its true
Fight, fight, fight, yes that’s what we do
Fight, fight, fight, yes its true
We’re fighting, fighting, fighting with all God’s might
We’re fighting, fighting, fighting for what is right
We’re fighting, fighting, fighting with all God’s might
We’re fighting, fighting, fighting for what is right
The Bible is our weapon—the gospel is our ammo
And the fact that we’re still on earth is all we need for cammo
But it don’t slow the battle down at all
Cuz fighting for truth (absolute) is the Christian soldier’s call
I’m a soldier for Christ fighting on the front lines
reppin Yahweh and Yeshua through every word of my rhymes (every syllable)
So don’t get it twisted like a gymnast in a flip
I ain’t out for fame and no I ain’t on a trip (content staying small)
Wait yes I am—my body’s the cab and one day soon
I’ll disembark at a location farther away than the moon
To be with God because I lived my life unashamed
Of His name—not out for gain through this game
Not trippin or missin the lesson—just livin my life
To glorify Christ cuz without Him I’m lame—
Lame was my middle name—see my left hand
Evidence of the stroke I had when just a little man (two years old)
But just like Paul God’s grace is sufficient for me
And the fact that Christ died on the tree is all I need
To live my life daily as a soldier for Him
Fighting constantly against sin, lies, and false doctrine
Onward Christian soldiers—marching as to war
With the cross of Jesus—going on before
Christ the royal Master—leads against the foe
Forward into battle—see His banner go
I’m fighting for the truth every time I enter the world
from home or church and get thrown into the world
I’m in it, but not of it—don’t get it swirled
I’m young, I’m God’s, and I’m sealed with the blood
of Jesus, God’s Son so you can’t touch me—don’t even try
I’ll be preaching this gospel til the day I die
1 Corinthians 9:16 and 22 through 23 state why
the gospel’s the centerpiece—I ain’t gonna lie
the gospel’s the only thing I have to boast in
cuz I really don’t wanna see you eternally roastin
in hell—I’m here to preach and spread the news
that Jesus Christ died and rose—He’s King of the Jews
and King of Kings—believe in His name and you will be saved
I promise you won’t regret it if you give Him your faith (Mark 1:15)
And if I get shot up and martyred tonight
You’ll know why—cuz I told you about Christ
Hey man, it’s a nice day today, isn’t it? Can I interest you in a million dollar gospel tract? It’s got the million dollar question on it. What happens after you die?
Hey Marshall, I hope you’re having a good day
I ain’t a critic—naw man, I’m just here to say
that it’s for you now that I daily pray
that something in your heart or soul would change
My name is liL fytr and I ain’t tryin to be clever
but I have to let you know that your soul goes forever
You don’t hafta see anyone in hell for a sequel
even if every one of your deeds have been evil
I’ll get to how that works in a little
but first will the real slim shady sit down—I’m taking to Marshall
I’m a soldier for Christ and I have something to tell you
So please listen up cuz all these words are true
I ain’t stopping til I die—so say what you say
I ain’t Lecrae but we’re working for the same Yahweh
and I know you probably just don’t give a care
but it don’t matter cuz you’d better beware
hell is real—more than 25 to life—I must share
You’re in serious danger of going there—
Now don’t act like I’m hating on you
the truth is I love you—not like Stan—I mean I care
I want “gloriously” to be how your soul fares
Cuz it’s in a state of 9-1-1 and it’s true
I don’t wanna see you on fire smoked out like a log
or a bong—either way burning up for a long long time

You’re in danger of hell so ima get down to business
and explain why you are not headed to heaven yet
let’s start by just asking a few questions like:
have you ever lusted? Ever stole? Ever lied?
ever disobeyed your parents? Hated someone’s life?
Committed adultery? Been a cause of strife?
I think if you’re honest you’ll say yes to all
but even if not only one is need for a fall
from perfection, that’s heaven, it’s impossible to attain
cuz from our birth our lives have been stained
with sin—lust, lies, hate, rape, murder, theft
and God is holy and perfect just like heaven
so He can’t turn a deaf ear—it deserves death and separation
please listen to what I’m sayin
in God’s eyes you’re a criminal and deserve death
this fact I can’t overstress—let me prove this
You’ve admitted yourself that you’ll kill me
and you’d love to kill the ex
And Miley Cyrus turns you on
not to mention Nikki Minaj
that’s hate and lust Marshall—do you understand
that’s the reason God is angry at man
cuz in Jesus’s eyes it’s murder and adultery
call me insane if you want but your words can’t hurt me
and if it offends to much—kick me, kill me
or if you’re listening to what I have to say
don’t let Shady call your next play
cuz you’ve admitted yourself that he’s crazy
so please, my friend, Marshall, you’re in a noose
you need loose—I’m spitting truth in the booth
but there’s nothing you can do so please don’t try
actually, there is one thing—you don’t have to fry

the truth is you don’t need a doctor—you need Jesus Christ (Savior)
so heaven can be your home after you die
He’ll clear your evil deeds—any amount
you’re on a fast lane to Hell—it’s time to get out
quit your current life—give it to God
you’re under the influence of Satan—I’m here to prod
you to believe in Christ, repent, give Him your life
and then you’ll truly have God on your side
you see—He came to earth, lived a perfect life, died, rose again
He’s up in heaven thinking without me you’re condemned
cuz He’s soon to return—no limit how far He’ll go (for His people)
How long do you have?—only God knows
so I won’t back down from what I believe in
and til I collapse Christ is Who I’m preachin
to teachers and students and gangsters and cops
my question for you is: where will you be when the music stops?
Look man, you’re still alive. You have a chance, right now, to give your life to Christ. You don’t know how long you’ve got. Please! Trust Christ before it’s too late. Hell is not where you want to be.
Do you think God is good and He’ll overlook your sins?
He says, “Yeah that’s it. He’ll overlook my sins.” I say, “Well try that in a court of law. You’ve committed rape, murder, drug pushing—very serious crimes. The judge says, ‘You’re guilty. All the evidence is here. Have you anything to say before I pass sentence?’ And you say, ‘Yes, judge. I’d like to say I believe you’re a good man and you’ll overlook my crimes.’ The judge will probably say, ‘You’re right about one thing, I am a good man, and because of my goodness I’m gonna see that justice is done. Because of my goodness I’m gonna see that you’re punished.’”
And the very thing that sinners are hoping will save them on the Day of Judgment—the goodness of God—will be the very thing that will condemn them. Because if God is good, He must, by nature, punish murderers, rapists, thieves, liars, fornicators, blasphemers.[iv]
This is liL fytr and you’d better hear me out
cuz I really don’t like shouting but if you make me then I will shout
so open your ears and shut your mouth
and listen to this message that I have to spread
You just heard what Ray had to say
so why do heresies like “Hell is fake” get claimed
God is good so He must punish sin
and yes dude—there’s no way you can win
But look at my good deeds, look at my life
Naw—look at the hate, the lust, the strife
There is absolutely no possible way to escape (Nahum 1)
God’s wrath against sin—trying is vain (verse 2 through 3)
Universalists like Rob Bell ain’t got a clue
Their claims about Hell are Satan’s tool to deceive you
Look in the Bible—it talks about fire and weeping
and gnashing of teeth and seething pain for eternity (look it up)
Not annihilated—just tossed, torched, and tortured forever
and ever and ever—five million years later—and ever (look it up)
Eternity ain’t a thing to mess around with
Today is the day of salvation—please don’t miss it!
Hell has a secret that’s very well kept
yeah Hell has a secret that’s very well kept
Did you know that 80-90 % of people who pray the sinner’s prayer
fall away from the faith?—that’s it
I’ve got some good news and some bad news—which you want first?
too bad, you’re getting the bad news first
cuz if I gave the good news first it’d make the bad news be whatever
but when I give the bad news first it makes the good news so much better
You’ve heard me say that the sinner’s prayer is wrong
It don’t save from Hell—the Biblical support’s in this song
Revelation 3:20 is the closest thing you’ll find
Jesus is knocking at a door, (not specified where) open, and with you He will dine
The only problem is that the context is to a church
so praying the sinner’s prayer is attempting salvation by works
which won’t ever work—Isaiah 64:6
sin is sick and works can’t up you pick
or pick you up cuz you’re from God as east is to west
eternally separated—this is truth at its best
or worst—because all humans are fallen, sinful, dirty (Romans 1)
and God is perfect, good, and holy
so chanting a few words can’t get you into heaven
check it out like the Bereans—Acts 17:11
cuz Ephesians 2:8-9 says salvation is by grace not works
so pastors, keep that thought in mind while at church (please)
I’ve established Hell is real and the sinner’s prayer is fake
so what are we to do to warn people of a bake
in Hell’s kitchen—here’s an idea for you
warn them of their state—sinful, wretched, cursed—it’s true
Then tell of the savior—Jesus Christ who died
but first lived the perfect life—never lusted, stole, or lied
then was cursed by God when hanging on the cross (2 Corinthians 5)
dying for your sins to make you clean like floss (verse 21)
God’s still just cuz your sin’s still punished
but the difference is you’re not paying—Jesus was crushed
so believe in His name cuz there’s no other name
Acts 4:12—by which men (and women) can be saved
in order to be saved you must believe
cuz He only died for those who actually believe
just like a parachute only saves you if you put it on
Colossians 3:10—Jesus only saves you if you put Him on
Eighty to ninety percent of people fall away because they think the sinner’s prayer is fire insurance, so when they get sick of trying to live for God and go back to their old life they think they’re still saved. The sad truth is that they never were covered. Hell’s Best Kept Secret is simple—one hundred percent of false converts end up in Hell.
There once was this girl I met
Who was the first of a set
A set of girls who would leave
And I would look at them and plead
Please don’t go please don’t go
Please oh please oh please don’t go
When I was at church I saw this girl
Who was lookin finer than a really fine pearl
I walked down to meet her said “how are you”
She turned to me and said “good how bout you”
I said the same and asked if we could talk
She said “okay” so we went for a walk
We talked all night til it was day
And even then I had things to say
Who was she anyways—everything she said left me dazed
I’d never met a girl like her any day
We kept visitin each other for a while
The way she acted I liked her style
Little did I know that things would soon change
She’d be hangin with this guy whose life was deranged
I despised that loser from the first glimpse
He acted like the monkeys that we call chimps
He was eighty percent stupid twenty percent rebel
And 100 percent down the road to hell
I called up my girl and asked her “why
Why do you hang with that dumb acting guy?”
She told me “i love you,” but I could not see
I didn’t know how that could possibly be
I hoped with all my heart that they’d break up
And That I’d never see him again after their time was up
I told her my thoughts and she did not agree
She said “you’re still my one and only”
I said “then who in the world is that guy
Who acts so dumb but thinks he’s fly”
She said “that guy is not my boyfriend
I’m just trying to save him from a bad end
He needs a savior just like the rest of us
And I want him to give Jesus his trust”
I said “okay” and told her to keep trying
I told her I was praying and I wasn’t lying
However the kid changed her and she fell for him
And I felt as if I’d been at the end of a sin
I felt like she had stabbed me with a knife
It all just added to the strife in my life
I never heard from her again after that day
And it still angers me to this very day
But then I think about God and what we do to Him
We go after something we think is better on a whim
When really it’s not and it won’t help us
Cuz the only person who can help us is Jesus
We need to stay true to Him for Him to do the same
That was the whole reason why He came
Just stay true to Him that’s all you need to do
If you do that He’ll never leave you
First John 2:23-24 says that,Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father; the one who confesses the Son has the Father also. As for you, let that abide in you which you heard from the beginning. If what you heard from the beginning abides in you, you also will abide in the Son and in the Father.”
If you pray the Sinner’s Prayer one time, though it’s usually done more, but one day decide that you’re sick of trying to live a good life and you then go out and start doing all your old sinning again, it’s called denial. Another form of denial is when you decide that God is fake after supposedly believing at one point. People that do this are not saved.
John is telling his people, and us today, to let the Gospel abide in our lives. How do you do that? Let me give you three simple ways.
1)      Read the Bible daily.
2)      Listen to good sermons or good Christian music when commuting to work or school.
3)      Spend most of your free time with people who build you up spiritually.
Let’s look at two verses in Proverbs. Proverbs 19:27 says, “Cease listening, my son, to discipline, And you will stray from the words of knowledge.” Proverbs 4:5 says, “Acquire wisdom! Acquire understanding! Do not forget nor turn away from the words of my mouth.”
If you keep the gospel at the center of your life and thoughts, it will keep you abiding in Christ. If you abide in Christ, it is the same as persevering in Christ. And, Christians, as saints, should abide in Christ and therefore persevere. Look at what Jesus said in John 8:31. It reads, “So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, ‘If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine’.”
Jesus said that the way to know that you are truly a disciple of His is if you are continuing in His word. Don’t go! Let the Gospel abide in your life and persevere until the end!
There once was a kid whose name was Jay
who thought he was a Christian but truly he was fake
You see—every summer when he was at the lake
he’d cuss and smoke as much as he could take
it had been this way for about two whole years
he’d tricked not one or two but all his peers
they all thought he was saved—but starting soph’more year
he’d cussed and smoked away all his tears
according to most his life was perfect and good
but on the inside his life was a ghetto hood
that always warred on and he only could
only hope he wouldn’t be misunderstood
cuz all he wanted was for someone to unwind
all the confusion that was going on in his mind
he’d always been told God heard and loved him
but every time he heard it he wanted to start screamin
—but what I’m saying is—
Trust Christ, Trust Christ, Trust Christ, Trust Christ
Tonight, today—put your faith in Christ
Cuz you never know when your end’s in sight
So trust Christ, trust Christ with your life
Jay’s life had taken a 1-80 turn
his homie went to jail—his prayers were ignored
his girlfriend searches failed—so he settled for porn
and he knew one day soon he’d get burned
at church—“pray this prayer and life will be great”
his mind—“yeah right—church is lying—truth that ain’t
God if You’re real—speak to me audibly”
but on the shelf dusty was where his Bible lay
and when he finally got a girl cybersex was the norm
texting, sexting, messing around—absolutely no form
like the ocean during a hurricane intense storm
he settled for whatever—if only he could learn
the truth about his plight—that he was in a fight
against Christ—he was dead but physically alive
he just wanted complete death cuz nothing made sense
riding the fence was all he’d done—living in offense
by now the only reason he hadn’t committed suicide
was cuz he hadn’t gotten laid, gotten drunk, gotten high
by senior year of high school he called atheism right
said God was dead or didn’t care or had no sense of sight
he’d cussed Him out—hands to the sky—so he could live his way
he didn’t read his Bible cuz life didn’t go his way
“Ask and you will receive” was the reason for the hate
cuz his whole life he’d prayed for healing but it never came
a pastor—“once saved, always—even if you stop believing”
and Jay—“sweet, when I die I’ll be in heaven
cuz I prayed the prayer when I was seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven,
twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen”—he was mistaken
Jay had no idea of what his life had caused
he’d never taken the time to just sit and pause
and think about the fact that he was a dirty rotten sinner
who needed a savior so that after death his soul didn’t simmer
if he had continued down that path
then I can guarantee you’d never hear this rap
cuz I was Jay and I was trapped
between living for God and facing His wrath
cuz I’d never heard about the seriousness of sin
I thought that a prayer for Jesus to come in
to my heart was all I needed to win
my way into heaven and not go to hell—my life was dim
cuz I hadn’t trusted Christ like the chorus says
trust Christ, trust Christ—even if you’re gay or lez
God will change you like the Bible says
no more cussing, sexting, smoking—I share Him like a pez
so whoever you are—trust Christ tonight
even if you’ve already prayed the sinner’s prayer—give Him your life
cuz only God knows who is truly His
liL fytr—read what 1st John 4:15-17 says

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