Saturday, May 27, 2017

The People God Used

The past year has been extremely tough, and as such I just need to thank the people who—prior to me returning to California—have helped me stay sane the past six months.
First off, I need to thank Jeff and Christina for allowing me to rent their extra house from them for the months of December to May. It was extremely beneficial in many respects, including, but not limited to, easily allowing me to have a cat that helped me to stay sane and also helping me to remove myself from a very unhealthy roommate situation just prior. You guys rock. Thanks again.
Next, I need to thank Jacob. You’ve put up with me and my need to talk to someone from back home exceptionally well for the past 6 months. You also helped continue to convince me that California is where I need to be.  Congrats on getting married in a week, and I’m extremely sorry I won’t be able to make the wedding. :(
Next I need to give a shout out to the Facebook group I discovered partly through Ryan and Gregory. The Reformed Pub has greatly helped me stay theologically grounded and encouraged in faith and fun (jokes and memes mainly) for the past six months. Keep doing what you’re doing and ignore the naysayers.
Thanks to that Facebook group, I also have to thank Nathan. We met and talked over coffee at the perfect opportunity. I was seriously struggling in my walk and with the church I was at, and you introduced me to the Way Church and thus Seth and Matt. In addition, I love that we could talk theology late into the night.
In addition to Nathan, I also met Brandon through the Facebook group. Thanks for taking time to meet and talk theology, even though it was an already scheduled time. I bought Thomas Schreiner’s book and am eager to dive into it in the next few weeks.
I mentioned Seth a paragraph ago. Thanks for being eager to meet with me and encourage me in the faith. Your five sermons I heard over the month I was at your church were the five most biblical, gospel-oriented sermons I heard in-person the whole time I was in Missouri. Thank you. In addition, thanks for preaching your last one (of the ones I could go to) directly to me. ;)
In addition, I mentioned Matt. Thanks for being so welcoming to me, even though I was hesitant about getting involved somewhere that I’d ultimately just be leaving in a few weeks. Your time and encouragement meant the world.
Finally, it would be wrong of me not to give a shout out to Nick and Alysia. Thanks for organizing Taco Tuesdays and going out of your way to see if I could make it. Those times were superb, and some really great memories from Missouri. In addition, I must also thank Sunni (a superb store manager) for finally letting me have Tuesdays off for it around my last month of work. I’ll miss Walgreens 11666 for sure!
To conclude, thanks again to all of you. You mean the world to me, and I hope we can somehow stay in touch over the next months and years despite the distance. If you know the Lord, I’m praying for you to grow in Him. If you don’t, in addition to praying for your health and safety, I’m also praying that you would come to know Him. He is good, and His goodness is shown in the people He puts in our lives. He put Jesus in everyone’s life by sending Him to earth 2,000 years ago. Then He allowed Him to be crucified for our sins and raised Him up three days later for proof of eternal life to those who believe. Do you believe?

Thanks again, to everyone named in here. Praying for you!