Welcome to da Faith lyrics

Anthem (Intro)
Mic check
We recordin?

My faith ain’t just an anthem
Yeah my faith ain’t just an anthem
No—it’s the result of being ransomed
The result of being ransomed by the God-man, son
I’m back after what—like five whole years? (hello)
Yeah, and seven of Jesus wiping my tears
And in the last five I’ve struggled with lots of fears (uh oh)
And made and lost and strengthened a lot of peers
I’ve had my heart broken more times than I can count (Noooo)
But I’ve been repeatedly filled by the Living Fount
My future wife is still the runaway trout
But that fact will not make me pout
Cuz my faith’s in Christ the Savior, son (yep)
And in Him I know my victory was won (yep)
Cuz if you’re powerful enough to give light to the sun
Then even the biggest of my problems can be called: “Done!” (ask me about Him…)
Cuz it’s all by His work and all by His strength
I still can’t grasp the height, width, depth, and length (so great)
Of His love—all His blood left all His veins (yep)
And now the world and my life He reigns (yep)
So even if the establishment I’m writing this in says
That business is unwanted of real marriage promoters
I’ll lovingly disagree and use their coffee and wifi to trumpet
The truth that Jesus died and rose—believe it or get punted! (livin in love)
But what you’ll find within these mp3’s
Is repeated emphases on the fact that Jesus paid the fee (the gospel)
The one we all deserve for our sinful deeds
And He paid it by His death upon that tree (thank You, Jesus)
So lemme just say that if you’re new to this race
Jesus offers grace upon grace upon grace upon grace
And even if you feel like you’re not making enough haste
Don’t let God’s work through your pace go to waste
The last seven years—where should I start (so hard)
Many mends to be made to holes in my heart
Some methods God has used have taken me off guard (God is good)
But nothing grows stronger when resistance ain’t hard (Never)
My faith ain’t just an anthem
Yeah my faith ain’t just an anthem
No rather it’s the result of being ransomed
The result of being ransomed by the God-man, son

2 Corinthians 5:7
Enjoy the rest of the album
Soli Deo Gloria

Get Crazy
Get Get Get; Get Get Get Crazy

lyrical expositor liL fytr on the mic
so here's what i have to say to you tonight
for a Christian the old is gone; come is the new
that’s 2 Corinthians 5:17 for you
but what does it mean--allow me to explain
Christians are changed--I used to be insane
chased girls, hated God, cussed up a storm
super angry, yelled at parents, addicted to porn
but Christ came in and rearranged my life
and while it’s not perfect or free of strife
it's better now by far--much less selfishness for me
Christ is king; to Him I bow the knee
he died for me--my sin and my death
so I can live for Him brand new and stress
that big sins disappear--smaller ones grow worse
as Jesus throws my old life into a hearse
If you’ve placed your faith in Christ—Get Crazy
If you’re growing in holiness—Get Crazy
Throw yo hands up and–Get Crazy
Get Get Get; Get Get Get Crazy
Get Get Get; Get Get Get Crazy
Get Get Get; Get Get Get Crazy
Throw yo hands up and–Get Crazy
Get Get Get; Get Get Get Crazy
My name is liL fytr cuz I live for something greater
Than myself—Yahweh—He has mad love for haters
Of whom I was one—stated
For this reason I can’t be a faker
His grace is amazing—I can’t get past it
So I’ll stand and preach and teach and rap it
Til the day I die, no time to retire
Cuz while Christ intercedes He never gets tired
And I ain’t a cockroach clinging to the dark
I’m flying at the light like a moth in the park
And I know what you think when you see ‘em,
“They’re so crazy—that light is their execution”
In the same way for the Christian loving Christ
People will call us crazy and mock our life
And if we’re really taking up our cross each day
Chasing the Light could cause us to be slain
I used to trip when I saw the cops
though I ain't toting rocks and pills ain't being popped
but now if I get locked up its cuz I'm doing something right
(2 Timothy 3:12) persecution expected for preaching Christ
And I know it’s not gonna make you up and follow
But I must call you out of the sin in which you wallow
Cuz God’s got a cup of wrath from which you must swallow
Unless you repent, take up your cross, and after Christ follow
Cuz He drained it to the dregs the day He died
Will you trust in Him or say that He lied?
So you can call my raps dwdl-ish
Cuz like his psalms they’re messianic
Christ is the center cuz He is my hope
Not girls, Gandhi, good deeds, or even da pope
We’re lost without Christ—admit your need
For your salvation: with Him and you I plead
Call it trap music, but I’m here to help you see
That Jesus died and rose so you could be free
We’re trapped in sin—no one is free
Unless you hear Christ’s voice and respond in belief
Turn from your sin—place your faith in Christ
John 14:6—He’s the way the truth and the life
So call it trap music, but I’m here to help you see
That Jesus died and rose so you could be free

Welcome to da Faith
Let’s go!

So I see you’ve placed your faith in Christ
Started following Him—made Him Lord of your life
You understand sin—He paid your price
With His life on that tree—It’s not just nice
It’s quite amazing grace to behold His face
And run this race—the Christian life of faith
But grace don’t end when He died for your sake
No—in fact—grace is key from day to day
Grace is the key to overcome sin, to love your wife,
To be patient, self-controlled, selfless, and wise
And it also is what keeps you in the path of life
Cuz if you fall away it’s right to have fright
So ask for grace for all these things
And Jesus Christ—Yeshua—the King of Kings
Will be glad to give them—no attached strings
This is what happens the day you start believing
Faith in Christ, hatred of sin—wait
And growing sanctification are crucial in this race
Constant belief—God knows your fate
And prayer is very crucial to your faith
Grace for each day, knowing God’s great
And witnessing to others are key parts of faith
Love for brothers (and sisters) and the lost—wait
It’s crazy but worth it—this is our pace
Welcome to da faith—yeah—welcome to da faith
Now that you’re in it here’s some tips for the race
Keep up the pace, yeah, keep up the pace
It’s a hard race—welcome to da faith
You’re my brother from another mother, man
But we’ve got the same Father—His name’s I AM
So whether you’re a new-born or quite old
There’s stuff I must share that I’ve been told
Reading, prayer, and love were mentioned above
They’re ways in which we show God our love
If you want to love Him more practice meditation
Not yoga, but stockpiling Scriptural medication
Be transformed by the renewing of your mind
You know you need it if your past’s like mine
Be killing sin or it will be killing you
Ask my man John Owen if you doubt that truth
Keep your eyes on Christ as you run this race
Focusing on your path will take your eyes off grace
Get to know God like J. I. Packer
And run toward Him yourself—don’t be a slacker
I almost forgot that peaceful joy
That makes you want to shout like a toddler bout his toy
Cuz after a while it will die away
Unless you earnestly pray for joy each day
If Christ remains as beautiful to you each day
As He did that moment when you were first saved
Sanctification and the whole race get easier
And joy doesn’t have to just be a movie teaser
The best way to beat sin is to love something else more
Thomas Chalmers—a new affection has expulsive power
Kind of like the best way to get over a break-up
Is to fall for someone new—I ain’t a faker
I’m just saying that it’s a true point
Take hold of Christ—not another joint
He died for that sin and His Spirit indwells
1 Corinthians 6:19—your body is a temple

Interlude – Join a Local Body (feat. Pastor Mo Khazaal)
“I know God calls us to glorify Him, and that means many things. That means right, true preaching of the Gospel, that means expository preaching of His Word. I believe this is a dry desert for that. I don’t believe there are a lot of options. There are some good ones up here, but I believe that’s our role. And that means all of us to come and serve and use our gifts to be here.
“I’m not saying you have to come to this church. I want you where God wants you. And if you’re just stopping by, catching a sermon here, that’s great; praise God! And you can come all you want. But, if God has called you and this is your church, then I do want you here, eventually—no rush—you know the first thing I say in those pre-membership meetings is I try to talk everybody out of membership. Because it’s a serious—that’s what it is—it’s commitment. And to become, I try to tell you, ‘Take your time; be sure; listen to the preaching; make sure you’re on board with it,’ because we—this is commitment. You’re telling me—you’re linking arms with my flock—and you’re saying, ‘We are yours, you are ours; care for me in this way, pastors,’ and that means a lot to us. We take that very seriously.
“And again, I don’t know what God has planned, but it involves His glory. I believe it involves getting the Gospel to the ends of the earth eventually, in many ways. But we are a group of sinners that have had life breathed into our dead carcasses, and we share that. We come together, we’re different: different jobs, different people, different desires, different passions, but we come together with the unifying goal of glorifying the Lord, of bearing with one another in love and peace as we’re told in Ephesians 4. And I’ll tell you, if this is your church, if this is where He is calling you to, then I do want you here, I want you to call this place home, I want you to settle in, plant those roots, because God has something big planned here.”[1]

L.I.L.F.Y.T.R., pt. 2
In John 13:35, Jesus says, “By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” Which brings up a deep and heavy reflection question. “Can people look at your life and say, ‘That person must be a Christian, because they are so selflessly loving’?” If not, you need to check yourself.
I sit down with this pen and this pad and I rap and I write
To tell others about the light
And I preach and I lead just pointing to Christ
Cuz with Him is abundantly abundant life
Not a bunch of rules to follow or die
Which is why I decided to update this rhyme
Cuz for the Christ-follower with Him he’s been crucified
So he’s dead to the law and dead to sin’s slime
The plan is for us to love the Lord
With all our hearts and sharpen our swords
The Bible—the way we can learn from Him
Cuz to truly love Him is to truly hate sin
Live in love—towards God and man
Find your true reward—in His presence stand
Love Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength
And love other people to any length
Jesus’ love for us took Him to the cross
Follow Him and die daily; it’s not a loss
Jesus’ love for us took Him to the cross
Follow Him and die daily; it’s not a loss
My name is liL fytr, and yes it’s an acronym
Because Jesus has saved me from sin
I must live in love towards God and man
And preach that truth so you also can
Preach that truth so that others can
Live in love towards God and man
Cuz if Jesus has saved you from sin
You must live in love; it’s truly rewardin’
I stand up in this booth and spit out the truth
That Jesus died and rose—I have the proof
Solving mysteries and proclaiming truth—like a sleuth
Preaching that Jesus died and rose as King of the Jews
And since that was God’s love for me—He died on the tree
It’s totally true that we must see
That cuz Jesus loved me—we must love Him
With all our beings—not just at a whim
He died for my sin—He died for your sin
It should make you grim—not smirk and grin
Then joyfully praise and worship Him
And live your life to solely glorify Him—not dim
Live in love—don’t you see
This I know: Jesus loves me
And since He loves me I must love Christ
Cuz He’s the one who gave me life
And for that reason I’ll forsake it all
And when I fall I’ll listen for His call
For that reason forsake it all
And when you fall listen for His call!
I walk in love with these rhymes and body of mine
Meaning I live in light of the fact that He paid my fine
And He pleads with me to let my light shine
By loving Him with my heart, strength, soul, and mind
And if I truly do that, I’ll truly love you
Cuz He’s my Father—you’re family too
It’s true—not new—1 John 4:20
And as far as love—He showed there’s never plenty
We give up our lives for our brothers-in-Christ
And sisters too--it’s more than just nice
Christ told truth--even harsh—but sacrificed
So I as your brother must lay down my rights
And proclaim the truth of Jesus found in the Scriptures
He was crucified for our sins fulfilling Yom Kippur
So I’ll die to myself and sacrifice for you
Each and every day—call me out if not true
As long as the sun shines I’m called to love you
Cuz if Jesus loves us, I must love you too
If Jesus loves me, I must love you too
If Jesus loves you, go love others too!
“I hold to this statement: ‘The whole point of the Bible is love. Each of the 66 books in our canon emphasizes a different aspect, but they all describe and promote love.’[2] As such, I hold that the gospel of God’s love for sinful man can be expressed clearly from each passage . . . and I hold that the personal application of every passage should have something to do with love . . .  as well.”[3]

Interlude – Living in Love Explained (feat. Pastor Josh Ritchie)
“Now, I hope and I pray that you see what John is talking about in this. As an apostle of Christ, he doesn’t want Christians to fear that they’re going to be condemned on Judgment Day. And so to assure them of their union with Christ, he explains what the Spirit does  in God’s people, and why God’s Spirit does this work of love in us. God’s indwelling Spirit perfects love in us, so that we may have confidence in the day of judgment.
“So one of the reasons that God perfects love in us is so that we can—and we talked about this last week—one of the reasons that God perfects His love in us is so that we can continue to experience His love in action. God wants to keep loving on us, and He is, and He does so through other believers. The cross wasn’t the stopping place for God’s love for us. The church is where God further dishes out His love to us through its members that are indwelled by the Spirit, who is love. This is one reason God perfects love in us, to further love on others, so that they may experience God in that way.
“Another reason—as we just read in the text—that John states why this love is perfected is so that we may have confidence on the day of judgment. Not fear. That word confidence means ‘boldness, assurance, no fear.’ It’s what we should have when God’s love is perfected in us. And so, as He is, as God is love, so also are we in this world. And as He is in us, and He lives in us, so shall we be with one another. Loving. Our union with God by the Spirit must necessarily have this effect on us.”[4]

Who I Am (is)
Bring in the snare
Turn it up in my headphones
Sweet, sounds good
I’m the tall skinny white guy with his pants sagged down
And his hat flipped up and I really don’t care
What you wanna say about me cuz it ain’t about me
It’s all about God—

One, two, on the mic—check it out, man
I’m talking bout Yahweh, Creator, I AM,
Provider, Sustainer, Holy, and Great
He knows everything about everyone’s fate
He created the world in six—He’s sitting up in heaven
He rested day seven—then Adam met a serpent
Later He sent manna—Israel ate bread without leaven
Forty years later He brought them into a type of heaven
When the people rebelled He let them get caught
They fought lots—even boiled children in pots
But God never left ‘em—He told ‘em it would happen
Cryin’, not laughin’—He sent prophets kinda rappin
Tellin’ the people to trust God so that He could provide
Like He had in the wilderness for 600 grand besides
All the women and the children that He cared for too
Then He sent Jesus the Messiah for them and for you
I know I’m white and I rap
But this is who I AM is (not about me)
I know my pants may sag
But this is who I AM is (not me)
I know I spit the truth
But this is who I AM is (again, not me)
Yahweh, Creator, Omniscient, Holy,
I AM is my God and this is who I AM is
Give Him the glory—He’s holy, holy, holy
He’s an all good judge—no, He ain’t a bully
He’s loving and kind—did you hear what I said?
Jesus came to earth, lived, was dead
Then rose again, defeated Satan, He’s coming again
To judge the world in righteousness—how do you look?
Cuz God will check to see if your name’s in the book
His holy wrath will empty—earth will be shook
Look—it’ll find you in any nook, cranny, or crevice
Not even Elvis can hide from this
Cuz God gave you a chance when He sent Jesus
So trust Him for salvation, right now, today
Cuz God’s wrath isn’t something you should play
Around with—it’s serious—like the Joker
On judgment day, non-believers will want super soakers
To extinguish flames—it’ll fail like a bad hand of poker
I’ve mentioned Jesus and warned of the consequence
But let me tell you about Yahweh’s greatest gift
He’s holy and wrathful against sin—that’s not all
He’s also Love, Provider, and He sustains the called
Ever since the fall He’s promised Jesus Christ
Genesis 3:15 tells of His birth and the end of Satan’s life
Christ came to earth for 33 years
Lived a perfect life—even shed tears
He Healed people of diseases—raised people from the dead
Then went to the cross where all His blood was shed
So we could be clean—like pearly whites
If you just believe that and follow Him with your life
The craziest part of the whole story
Is that Jesus is Yahweh—on earth minus glory
In heaven He’ll have it—you’ll bow the knee
Either in fear or in love, which in time we will see

Jesus said in John 15:1-2, “I am the true vine, and My Father is the vineyard keeper.  Every branch in Me that does not produce fruit He removes, and He prunes every branch that produces fruit so that it will produce more fruit.”
I feel like praying

God, I wanna be a garden for You
You know it’s true—help me produce fruit
It’s all by Your grace along with Your truth
I wanna be good soil—daily made new
By Your living water—John 15:2
Not the first half, but by all means prune
Destroy the weeds that try to choke the life
Cuz God You’re the focus of my eyes
Not cars, women, money, or even Your skies
They’re gifts, You’re the Giver—position them right
Keep me focused on the Light—1 John 1:7
That’s You, God—You’re up in heaven
Keep flashlights away—the things so temptin
Wanting to replace You as Lord of my life
You’re my Creator, Savior, and Sustainer too
John 15:5—I can do zilch apart from You
I wanna be a garden for You, God
Don’t let me become a fraud
Every day in You I’ll plod
Please just make me like fertile sod
I wanna be a garden for You, God
Please make me like fertile sod
I wanna be a garden for You, God
Please don’t let me become a fraud
More on the garden—lots of stuff to be said
In Luke 8, verse 6-13, the rocky ground is dead
Nothing can grow because it can’t be fed
And here’s a comment I got from a friend
“Your heart’s a diamond—it can’t get broken”
Hardly true about girls, but I’ll admit that truth was spoken
It’s convictin because when I sin I stop focusin
On Christ and my heart excuses micro-sinnin
Not jokin—it’s true, God I need truth
Plow up my heart so I can grow closer to You
It’s my urgent request—nothing is new
Except I see my hardness of heart as sin against You
No life can come out of rocks or stones
And God, You alone can cause me to groan
And weep every time I sin against You—You alone
If I’m gonna grow I need my heart totally blown apart
God, keep me planted by Your living streams
So that when I meet the woman of my dreams
I can know that she’s planted right next to me
And together we can live guilt free
Since nothing can grow without water or light
I ask that I can stay in the light
Stay in the light—His name is Jesus Christ
Again, centered on Him, keep my sight
Back to the wife, I pray that together we raise
Children who are filled with awe at Your name
Let them know true fear—so they can have none
Cuz love for the Son frees me up when I come
To His throne of grace in time of need
Help my children learn this fruitful deed
Cuz if my wife and I are planted by Your living stream
Our children most likely won’t fall far from that tree
And Lord, that’s my prayer
Help me to produce fruit for You
And help me to never become worthless or disqualified

Role Models
Paul told Timothy the following in 2 Timothy 2:1-2, “You, therefore, my child, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.  And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”
Many men have poured into me like this in the past couple years since I’ve been saved. I pray that I would be faithful with what they gave me.
Christ Jesus in heaven—You’re number one
Your life shines brighter than the sun
Against sin You won and You are my Lord
Grace upon grace upon grace You pour
Out on me and I love You for sure
All I want is to love You more
I hate my sin cuz it put You on that tree
And I love You cuz You let it put You there for me
Thank You for Your example of life
Being a servant—choosing to die
Helping those in need—not solely in salvation
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John lay out the sum
Of part of Your deeds—John 21:25
I can’t wait to live forever with You when I die
There’s so much more to say, but let this suffice
You’re my first role model—on which the rest base life
Role Models are great if you aspire to lead
Without a few for me—here I wouldn’t be
So this song is a “thank you” to those men
Who have been instrumental in my developin
Thank you very much from the depths of my heart
My appreciation for you all is off the charts
God put it in your heart to do and to say
And now today, “thanks” is all I have to say
Next, to my first mentor after salvation
Who first got me interested in evangelism
You have no idea how much you mean to me
I really hope this song will help you to see
Thank you for all the discipling nights
For the first year and a half of my life
Thanks for being Biblical, but at the same time
Easygoing, Christ-like, chill, and kind
Now to my pastor who’s consistently available
The first time we met was 2011 April Fools
Bible study at your house when I first laid eyes
On your amazing devotion to Jesus Christ
Thank you for your expository preachin
On Matthew and other similar teachin
If the second mouse is the one who gets the cheese
It’s cuz pastors like you sacrifice for those like me
That’s also for my other pastor true
Who also teaches school and is an army chaplain too
How do you balance it all—I try with less
And consistently feel like I’ve digressed
But thank you for all your preachin
Leadin and finding time for meetin
You’re an example I want to emulate
As you preach on the life of Paul who followed the Way
Next to my dad who with my mom raised me
And helped show me the way to be godly
By being an example of a godly man
Who turns to Christ when he knows he’s done bad
I want to thank you for your example
And I’m deeply sorry for all the times I’ve trampled
Over the advice that you had to give
Thanks for still always being willing to forgive
Now to the guy I’ve known since age five
We grew up together as heathens apart from Christ
But when you got saved I noticed a change
And when you told me about it I felt strange
Thanks for the invite to your new church
Four years ago when I based salvation on works
Like the card said: “I’ll always be on your side”
I thank you for spiritually being on mine
And now to the man who led me since third grade
I thank you for the difference that you made
Even though I wasn’t saved until age eighteen
Your advice was remembered and is still seen
Thank you for being like a second dad
Even in times that I acted really bad
You helped me reconcile with my pops
By giving me advice I still haven’t dropped
I can’t stop yet—there’s more people to name
Popular ones who follow Christ the same
Shai Linne—your song “Expository Preachin”
Is what called me to pursue full time pastorin
Lecrae—your songs and lyrics inspire me
To keep writing ‘em for none but God’s glory
Trip Lee—you are young and unashamed
And training for pastoring, same as my aim
John Piper—you have a desire for joy in God
That I strive for too in my temporary bod
John MacArthur—your commentaries and preaching
Are what inspire me to pursue a Masters Degree
Paul Washer—your boldness for the unadulterated gospel
And love for the lost are incomparably colossal
Ray Comfort—you evangelize the way of the master
And that method is useful and sticks like plaster

Accountability partners and other mentors
You know who you are
I want you to know that you mean a lot and have a place in here too
Praying for you all
Grace and peace

Fear Is
The Bible talks a lot about wisdom
Proverbs 1:7 says, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom”
There’s a lot of other verses that talk about what the fear of the LORD does too
So I figured I’d do an explanation of it in lyric

Do you remember what I said previously?
God is Yahweh, creator, omniscient, and holy
He’s self sufficient—He needs nothing
I AM—not I need—not do this for Me please
He’s creator—He made everything (Meow)
Each grain of sand—each hair on your head—see
Each star in the sky—each kernel of wheat
Each beautiful mountain and each glorious tree
He’s omniscient—He knows everything
He created it so He must—but still let’s see
The fact that He knows who you are—all your deeds
And what you need long before you can even see
Which takes us to the truth that He is holy
He hates sin—He doesn’t take it lightly
But we all have sin—is there hope for humanity?
Yes, cuz He gives wisdom to all who fear Him truly
Fear is the beginning of wisdom
Proverbs 1:7—do you have wisdom?
If you do, you’re a child of God
If not, fear is right—are you a fraud?
Fear is holy respect for God
It’s not just a casual nod
“Oh yeah, I believe in God”
James 2:19 proves that that’s a fraud
Fear is the beginning of wisdom
You’re a fool if you think that this is dumb
Wisdom is from God; He gives it where He will
Like salvation—Proverbs 2:6—doubting still?
This is why fear is holy respect for God
If we don’t accept Him correctly He could call us a fraud
So lets be humble in our dealings and read His word
And heed the truths that we have heard
Fear is holy respect for God
Wisdom gained through study at home and abroad
But if your wisdom just puffs you up with pride
Allow me to pop you with this knife from the Source of Life
(Proverbs 16:18) “Pride goes before destruction; and an arrogant spirit before a fall
If you hear His voice don’t flee His call
Jesus was wisdom incarnate but never wielded it hurtfully
Wisdom should cause you to love others better ultimately
Christianity ain't just a claim or a prayer
It's where you compare yourself to Christ who is fair
In judging all deeds, growing all trees and care
For your needs—if on that day you’re scared
I'm sharing right now so you don't have to be
All you have to do is just repent and believe
And compare yourself to Christ who's holy holy holy
If you see you don't compare you're in good company
MacArthur, Piper, Washer, Luther, Henry
Spurgeon, Chandler, Calvin, Owen, and me
All understand that works can't save
But your claim that you prayed a prayer of faith
Doesn't mean jack—the demons can say
More truth about God than we ever will
But will still go to hell where they'll be eternally killed
So trust Christ for life—it's what God wants for you still
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.
The fear of the LORD is to hate evil.
The fear of the LORD prolongs life.
The fear of the LORD is living water.
The fear of the LORD is taught by wisdom.
The fear of the LORD leads to life.
The fear of the LORD results from humility.
The fear of the LORD is pure.
(Learn it! Love it! Live it!)

What to Do (feat. Pastor Mo Khazaal)
2 Corinthians 5:18 and 20 say, “Now everything is from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation. Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, certain that God is appealing through us. We plead on Christ’s behalf, ‘Be reconciled to God.’”
What to do, what to do
For those who think that they know You
There’s a million possible things that we can try
But only Christ can save their life
What to do, what to do
For those who truly don’t know You
There’s a million possible things that we can try
But only the gospel can change their life
Sitting down at college thinking through thoughts
And my mind wanders to those who are lost
Acts 18:10—You have many people here
But I fear most don’t yet grasp the cost
That Christ paid on the cross when He died
AD 30—so long ago—but still relevant tonight
And for all who are enrolled—I sigh
When I think they might not know You—I cry
Cuz there’s nothing greater than knowing Christ
It’s why He’s called the way, the truth, the life
Start a revival, God I pray
May I say this desire’s greater than meeting my wife
There’s strife in my heart cuz Your name’s not known
Why so many emphasize foreign nations I don’t know
Cuz even the church in the USA has grown cold
Please break hearts of stone and lead them to Your throne
What to do—here’s one thing
Start to pray without ceasing
That the lost would meet the king
Be adopted as sons and with joy sing
Prayer cannot be overlooked by us
The early church left us in the dust
Acts 1:14—what is up?
Pray, pray, pray; it’s a must!
What to do—here’s some things
Start by living to please the king
And like John 13:35 start loving
Not lusting—no fornicating—just live holy
So when they hear: “be holy as He is holy”
They won’t say we’re full of hypocrisy
The gospel should daily pour through our speech
And our life should match exactly what we preach
Maybe you’re listening and you know it’s you
And that these words are true
Just know that Christ loves you
Believe that He died for you too
And one day you will be with Him
Thanking Him for all He’s done
Right now, today, place your faith in Christ
Trust Christ, trust Christ with your life
Or maybe you’re listening and you share my desire
That the lost be snatched from the fire
Pray fervently until you perspire
That they’d be saved from their mire
Sin and death hold them down
And right now we’re the ones on solid ground
Right now, today, pray for their souls
And live each day trusting Him with yours
And then go out and share the news
That Jesus died and rose—He’s King of the Jews
They’re a sinner who needs Him too
Belief is required—implore them to!
Belief is required—implore them to
Belief is required—implore them to
They’re a sinner who needs Him too
Belief is required—implore them to
“Shame on me if an unbeliever comes to one of my sermons and the gospel is not clearly presented, and that I am not pleading with him to turn from his sin.”[5]

This song is creatively arranged in memory of Ethan Cutuli.

Incoming! Incoming! Incoming!
Enemy firepower!
It’s too strong! It’s too strong! Get me out of here! Get me out of here!

This life is a warzone; you’d better believe
And if you don’t stay strapped right you’ll end up deceased
So take up your ammo it’s found in God’s Word
And with the armor of God your loins also gird
So you can stand strong against Satan’s strikes
Because you’re relying on God’s perfect might
His Word’s as powerful as a sword with two edges
Or a machine gun unloading clips—not farfetched
The Bible is my weapon; the gospel is my ammo
so don't get it twisted when the mag unloads
cuz i've got a magazine of bullets locked in my head
to knock the devil's lies down dead
“Why you preachin’ gospel, you know it makes ‘em hostile
Just look at the life of Paul the apostle
Switch up your style—help them to see
That the world’s got some good philosophies”
To most it’ll sound like, “How can this hurt?”
But that’s how Satan first brought a curse
Eating a fruit not seen as that big a deal
But Satan’s philosophy results in bitten heels
And his philosophy is behind all other kinds
Materialism, Darwinism, Marxism,
Chauvinism, Feminism, Mysticism, Skepticism,
Scientism, Relativism, Racism—from the start of time
Call him the death star cuz he’s deceived all by these lies
It’s why Paul says philosophy should capture for Christ
For the Christian Christ is the point of all
Colossians 2:8—all else is deceitful and wrong
So be careful little ears about what you hear
Cuz you are what you eat—of lies steer clear
Fix your eyes on Christ as the point of your study
And refuse anything that makes Him appear muddy
“Whatever dude, here’s a thought
Despite the fact that you claim you’re bought
You gotta do good and get rid of all your sin
Unless you’re perfect, to heaven you ain’t getting in
And here we have a kernel of truth
But at the same time the lie is just HUGE
Satan is the master at twistin the Scripture
(Matthew) 4:5-6 for the Hipster spells disaster
Perfection IS required to be in His presence
But eternal life is grace—gift—a present
And if we take a close look at Galatians we’ll see
That Paul wants us to be clear—not in any way deceived
If we follow law we’ve fallen from grace
And it’s up to us to hold our place
Cuz Jesus became a curse for us
And His life is what makes us righteous
For that reason stand firm—resist the yoke
Of slavery that will just leave you choked
Instead walk in love and truly fulfill the Law
Christ did first and His Spirit enables us all
“You’re a fighter it’s true so here’s what I’ll do
I’ll change up my ammo so escape is a NO
Look at your life—see, no one loves you
Even God’s fake—you can’t escape these arrows”
Uh-oh (pause) Ow, ow, ow, ow (I need a medic!)
A couple there hit their mark—now
Ima have to switch up my weaponry
Cuz I need something stronger to extinguish these
Call me Bibleman cuz I wield a sword of light
And with it I’ll put the Devil to flight
Romans 5:8 proves I’m loved by God
(1 John) 3:16 shows others’ love as real or fraud
(Romans) 8:31—when God says that He is FOR me
He doesn’t then proceed to up and leave
Hebrews 13:5—He never leaves or forsakes me
The cross is proof—I’m not a bigger difficulty
So ima live 1 Corinthians 10:31
By the Spirit, for the Father, through the Son
And He’ll give me strength to resist Satan’s lies
And with that I’ll stop—disengage light—but not the fight
Memorize Scripture! You’ll be outflanked, outgunned, and outmatched; overrun and defeated if you don’t. Satan is looking for someone to devour, and if you’re not daily working out in the Word, you’re fattening up due to laziness and what does a lion like more than a plump sheep? (Pause) Fight by keeping your sword sharp and your weapon loaded.
We’re all clear
We’re coming home
He’s fleeing
Enemy forces are in full retreat

Get Out!
2 Timothy 2:22-26
I’ve come to my senses
And it’s time to be free from the Devil’s trap
So here we go

Get out of my life—get out of my mind
You’re so full of lies—so here is this rhyme
Get out of my life—get out of my mind
You I must fight—through the power of Christ
Christ I need You to empower me this day
Cuz Satan is very devious in his ways
On earth he’s allowed a deal of power
Roaming around for someone to devour
And I as a sheep am an easy meal
Unless You protect me by the power You wield
Jude says a lone angel can’t defeat Satan
So who am I to try to beat him?
But in me the Spirit of holiness dwells
The One from the Father and You as well
So I’ve been granted power through Your name
To overcome the one who over this present world reigns
And by Your strength I can resist him now
And trust Your truths and ignore his doubts
And walk in victory—this word is true
Satan, you’re done—Yahweh rebuke you
Jesus help me to take captive all of my thoughts
So I don't hear the lies that Satan plots
Like here's a huge one: "you're not worthy
To preach or date--your mistakes make you dirty"
It's true I'm dirty but Your blood is clean
And You pinned my sins onto You upon that tree
So help me now to meditate on truth
Cuz the lies are starting to overwhelm this youth
But the truth is Satan wants to keep me from good
Cuz his ultimate desire is that the world look hood
Take out the neighbors and there's no one to love
Make me focus on myself and I cry like a dove
So God put my eyes on the needs of others
And don't let me by the lies get smothered
So with this strategy the following's true
Satan, you’re done—Yahweh rebuke you
Jesus, I need Your peace to fill my heart
Cuz otherwise I'm frozen and obedience can't start
I mentioned before that Satan says I'm not worthy to date
And that's important cuz there was this girl who was great
Who also happened to be my girlfriend
So she was the object of the dates and hopefully the end
But Satan starts attackin' (depression) and my faith was slackin'
And that is why this guy here is rappin'
Cuz I need to trust You more each day
And ignore the lies the enemy sprays
Cuz his lies don’t just affect me
Cuz when I get down it passes on to others, see
She deserved better; not necessarily than me
But definitely than fearful cowering knees
That grew distant and silent when doubts set in
And my only hope is You--I'm bettin' (trustin')
And even though we didn’t work out long-term
That fact does not need to make me squirm
Cuz regardless You led me this far and You're God
And if I learn to love You and others through all this--I'll plod
In faith each day and trust in You
Cuz Jesus, apart from You I'm stinkin in a tomb
So send the devil a message: just a word or two
Satan, you’re done—Yahweh rebuke you
Help me Jesus Lord Messiah, You’re my only hope!
Do I have anywhere else to turn—my answer: nope!
Apart from You in the darkness I grope
Apart from You my life is vanity like smoke
Apart from You I’m open to Satan’s pokes
And with You I know that there is hope
You will never ever ever let me go
And Your power is the greatest—this I know!

Interlude – Pursue Purity (feat. Pastor Stephen Feinstein)
“We need to reclaim purity in the church and in our homes both for the sake of our Lord and for the witness of the church. This kind of sin has damaged so many Christian marriages, it’s messed up so many kids and families, and it’s the one—probably above most—that’s destroyed the church’s reputation. It’s time we be rid of it. We already have all that we need in Christ to be rid of it. I’m gonna read 2 Peter chapter 1 verse 3. Peter starts off with an amazing truth. He says, ‘His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us to His own glory and excellence.’ If you’re a Christian, you’ve been given divine power that pertains to life and godliness. We’re being called to stay away from this stuff because—in the name of godliness—you’ve been given all that you need to do that. No Christian could ever say, ‘Hey, I just couldn’t get out of this; I didn’t have the resources.’ No, you’ve been given divine power. Okay, so there’s no reason for us ever to fall into this. It is my prayer that we all flee from sexual immorality, and we have all the reasons we need, so may God write them on our heart.”[7]

Tearing Down the Walls
Paul wrote in Romans 8:12 and 13, “So then, brothers, we are not obligated to the flesh to live according to the flesh, for if you live according to the flesh, you are going to die. But if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.”
I’m speaking on addictions for the next four minutes
And I ain’t gonna quit til you know how to be finished
Cuz addictions are serious, they are sins, call me dimwit
But I’m here confronting facts and the truth won’t be diminished
I’ll be open and honest these four minutes
Cuz I have struggles too, I won’t try to hide it
Twenty-first birthday—“here’s some alcohol, try it”
I turned it down easy cuz that isn’t why I’m in this clinic

I want to quit but I feel like I can’t
One second I’m fighting strong—next I’m ransacked
You promised I won’t be tempted beyond what I can take
But I can’t flee from thoughts—am I fake?
Cuz sin is dead if in You I’m alive
But it don’t feel dead—desire builds up inside
Until it comes out in action physically
Is it just me or does this go historically?
1 Cor. 6:9 says that I can’t get to heaven
If I continue this life of lustful rebellion
And that’s my biggest fear cuz I want to see You
Matthew 5:8—I don’t feel pure—I feel eww
Three years of trying to be sexually pure
And I still feel infinitely far from the cure
I can preach all day, teach me some respect
But God, I need help myself for respectin’ sex
Our weapons ain’t carnal—no they ain’t
Our weapons ain’t carnal—no they ain’t
Christ gives strength to habits break
Christ gives strength to habits break
So with His help let’s tear down walls!
Tear down walls—tear down walls
Tear, tear, tear, yeah—tear down walls
Tearin down the walls until they fall!
If I’m to tear down any sinful walls
Romans 12:2 says it starts in my mental halls
Be transformed by the renewing of your mind
The key there is “by”—it’s how to win the fight
It begs “how” and the answer is changing thoughts
Rather than focusing on sin picture Christ on the cross
If a doctor shows me a wound, ima focus on him
For the cure—and not my pseudo-healing whims
Colossians 3:1 says to think of what’s above
Such things as Christ and God’s infinite love
Christ is a fighter in Revelation 19
If I go to Him in prayer in time of need
2 Corinthians 10:3-5 says He’ll destroy the walls
Like the battle of Jericho—God made them fall
So like Paul in Romans 7—I focus on myself
Wretched man I am—when I need Christ’s help
It’s been a week since I wrote verse 2
And let me just elaborate on its truth
Romans 7 throughout time’s been used and abused
“Sin is inevitable, so why not excuse it?”
Or taking it to be a non-Christian’s view
When in reality it’s a believer for sure
The problem is though—either way you go
That if all you say is “wretched man I am,” bro
You’re missing the main point—Christ has come
It’s why Paul then says, “thanks be to the Son”
“There’s no condemnation in Christ”—Romans 8:1
But legalism is what will leave you feeling numb
And just like the Israelites in Joshua 6
Walls don’t fall down in one day—they stick
Until you’ve circled them and trusted God
And cried out for freedom from this dying bod
Pull em, rip em, knock em down!
Batter em, blast em, tear them down!
Get the enemy out of your town
The one known as Heartland—under flesh gown

No Fear
Uh oh
What’s going on?

Lord, where’d you go; why’s it so dark?
This absence is too demanding on my heart
My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?
That’s the same phrase You cried from the tree
My bones are falling apart; there’s no health within
Please just show me if it is due to some sin
Cuz this pressure is too much for me to bear
You told me on You to cast my cares
But I just don’t know where I should start
To my cares there’s like 10 million parts
Pouring over my head like a waterfall
I’ve already confessed like an altar call
But I keep doing it when I see I need to
But where did You run off to?
Come back, come back; help me to see
Your love, Your truth, Your grace for me
Fear is holy respect for God
But cuz of Christ I have no fear
I can question, plead, and pray knowing He hears
And at His throne I can even shed tears
I will approach Him with no fear
Cuz I know Christ intercedes and hears
No fear, no fear, though God I still fear
I can approach His throne with NO FEAR
Since this life is tough and lived by faith
It’s 100% reason to remember to pray
And since Christ’s invited us to His throne of grace
We can trust that we’ll behold His face
When on our knees we pray fervently
Meditating steadily on the truth that we see
When I draw near to God, He’ll draw near to me
That’s one truth from James 4:8—see
Jesus is our perfect High Priest (Hebrews, man!)
And it’s cuz of His life that Him we can seek
He went through everything we go through daily
And for that reason He can dispense peace
So whether we’re doubting, scared, tired, or tempted
We must trust Him that we’re not exempted
And like Hebrews 4:16 seek Him by faith
In prayer, boldly kneeling at His throne of grace
When we first experience God a holy fear is expected
If it ain’t there you should question your election
Cuz God’s holy nature to our sin should make us duck
Like an ant meeting a fully loaded semi-truck
Fear’s the right response; but God’s grace is a must
He sent Christ to live and die and rise even for our lust
1 John 2:15; He was tempted in these ways too
Matthew 11:28; He wants to help you
He’s gentle and humble; loving kind and patient
He came to carry the sin of the nations
Cuz God so loved the world—seeing all damned
Eternally wasn’t the end goal of His plan
In His perfect plan He wanted you to come to Him
With no fear, trusting Him with life, especially sin
Fear keeps us away and prevents forgiveness
He bids us boldly come to Him for strength after soreness
St. Bernard said, and it’s my prayer too, “Draw me, however unwilling, to make me willing; draw me, slow-footed, to make me run.”[8]
And that’s the goal—run the race with perseverance.
We must come to the throne of grace in prayer to be enabled to run!
Let’s go!

You ever been walking and you trip…over your own feet?
I do it all the time.
Think about this…

I’m trippin on my flesh—Trippin, trippin on my flesh
I’m trippin on my flesh—Trippin, trippin on my flesh
I’m trippin on my flesh—Trippin, trippin on my flesh
God help me out of this mess
I’m trippin on my flesh—Trippin, trippin on my flesh
I’m trippin on my flesh—Trippin, trippin on my flesh
I’m trippin on my flesh—Trippin, trippin on my flesh
I’m sick of trippin on my flesh
I wanna be a garden for You, God
But right now I feel like such a fraud
Cuz I was warring against my bod
But I must’ve started to nod (to sleep)
Cuz I sinned again—I feel so unclean
Is there even any hope for me?
Romans 7 shows me it’s normal—see
And First John 1 says to confess to be free
I’ve confessed to everyone but I still feel stuck
I’m waiting to be washed clean of this muck
Cleanse me from unrighteousness, please
I’m sick and tired of drowning in its sea
But hey—sometimes I trip over my own feet
And if I do that I’ll trip on my flesh daily
Cuz my flesh is naturally set against me
Ever since Your Spirit took up residence in me
That ain’t all though—no it ain’t
Let me show you scripture—a picture ima paint
The world’s greatest trip-out happened 30 AD
When Christ cried out, “My God, why have You forsaken me?”
You see, Christ is God—ruler of the Earth
He came splitting time with a virgin birth
He grew up perfect—no need to die
But Jesus knew what was coming that night
He prayed sweating blood—trippin
He was whipped skinless—trippin
He carried his cross uphill—trippin
He was trippin, trippin, trippin—then emotional whippin
Jews cheering, “save yourself if you are God.”
Spitting on His bloody bod—He swallowed all the wrath of  God
But He was in control the whole time
Because He died but three days later He’d rise
Showing that He had defeated death and sin
So that the next time I fail and give in
I have no excuse—His Spirit’s within
And I can murder every small bit of my sin
So even though I trip over my own feet
And I have the potential to trip on my flesh daily
I don’t have an excuse for any sinning
Ever since Your Spirit took up residence in me

What Did You See?
Just so you’re aware
This song’s kind of heavy
But anyways
Soli Deo Gloria

(Life) here today and gone the next
But full of joy, anger, love, hate, stress
Can leave ya vexed; sometimes a car wreck
Is all God needs to cause a needed gut-check
Like, I didn’t even really know the guy
We grew up in youth together but now he’s died
I sighed; I don’t know why I want to cry
But his life was gone in the blink of an eye
And as I scroll here through his Facebook page
I think, “this guy was exactly my age”
I can’t begin to gauge when it will be my day
Cuz he didn’t plan on dying; who does at twenty-thray?
(Ecclesiastes 7:15) righteous die young; wicked live on
Why him and not me is the point of this song
It don’t take long to recognize the phenomenon
That the sovereignty of God can’t be picked up on (just fear Him!)
What did You see, Lord, what did You see?
That would make You want to die for me?
This foolish, angry, sin-loving freak
For whom You sent Him for 1500 weeks
To live and die and rise again for me
So I can live anew and be free
When I still fall short of Your glory daily
What did You see, Lord, what did You see?
Sin is sick and works can’t up me pick
Isaiah 64:6; this described me as legalistic
Which is what I was when You found me
And even after—nasty, yuck, and bloody
Get a pad for my deeds cuz they drippin’ filth
This part of me has got to be killed
Doing good deeds for salvation makes me think I’m all that
To the point where I’m out with a sign saying, “God hates that
Type of sin you’re living in”—then it gets turned
And I feel for them now cuz I’m being burned
For my past—now present—struggle; who is it who cares?
Why it’s You, Jesus, the One who hung bare
On the cross to take my shame, my name, my pain
Let me live for You and Your fame even if I never get the same
What did You see, Lord, what did You see?
Nothing more than a legalistic, hypocrite Pharisee
Today I stumbled on a metaphor of a rose
All dirty, mangled, wilted and broke
Nobody would want to showcase that trash
But Jesus, You took the weight of God’s wrath
For me—I’m that rose—dirty and broke
And You said, “Come here, I want you to know
That you look to Me like a beautiful lily
And I love you despite your mess and times you act silly”
Jesus, I love You; that’s what You see
Every single  time You look at me
You see a broken wreck who knows he needs You
You see a messy life, but Your love is still true
And we’re working through stuff—You and me
And on the last day I know I’ll come out holy
But for now You see me—weak and small
But You loved me enough to give me Your all

Ask Me About My Father
I like this beat
It’s fun
Let’s Go
I-6-5, yeah He’s high
So Ima rap it to ‘em one more time

Ask me about my Father
Yeah, ask me about my Father
He sent His Son to die for me
So I could be adopted and set free
Ask me about Him—He’s God above
And His name is Love
He created the world in six days (meow)
Only so He could showcase His ways
He created it perfect (meow)—even Adam and Eve
But sin came in when the serpent Satan seized
On the fact that Eve was alone
And then consequences were shown
Hard toil, painful birth, crushed head of snake
Which will be fulfilled eternally at the fiery lake
4,000 years later He showcased His love
By sending to earth His Son from above
This God’s name is Yahweh—He’s holy, holy, holy
And He so loved the world—including you and me
That His beloved Son was given up for us
To save us from the curse that would return us to dust
Ask me about Him—He’s my Father now
And everytime I consider it I wanna say, “Wow
Like, how can the perfection of holiness
Ever look upon me—an unholy mess?”
But He did cuz He’s love
Remember His Son sent from above?
He fulfilled the law we could never keep
And He died the death we would never seek
He’s hidden me in Christ and I’m safe for-e-ver
Eternal security is not a cop-out—ever
For God so loved me He won’t take life away
When you adopt a kid, how much hate to send him away
And God is better than the world’s greatest Father
He chose me when I was a blasphemous bother
And the truth here that I really wanna share
Is that for you too He also cares
Ask me about my Father
Yeah, ask me about my Father
He loves me and He loves you too
And He wants nothing more than to adopt you

Thanks for joining me on this journey

Somewhere, Someday
Somewhere, someday she will be
Somewhere, someday I will see
I trust that God’s got the best for me
Even if she is from New Jersey
I’ll look to Him for all I need
And daily rest in His sovereignty
Cuz somewhere, someday I will see
Somewhere, someday she will be
Out there somewhere is a girl I’ll meet
Who I cannot wait to see
Devoted to Christ she will be
And I’ll treat her like a queen
1 Peter 3:3—she’ll be gentle and quiet
Not shy—if needed she can start a riot
I wouldn’t want her to try it
But if she’s upset I won’t fight it
(Proverbs) 31:30 – despite her beauty
Her faith is more attractive truly
One day she looks great—the next unruly
But her love for Christ is contagious cooties
She’s out there—I know for sure
She’s loving Christ—not throwing a lure
I’m praying for her—that her sin is cured
By Christ—and praying for me—to be pure
I’ll reiterate the fact that she’s out there
And I’ll worship God for being fair,
Showing care, and guiding me to where
I need to be to casually meet her stare
On that day when I look her in the eyes
For the first time and my heart starts to sigh
Cuz no matter how much I might have tried
There’s no way it’ll work if left to a guy my size
(Proverbs) 18:22 – she’ll be a good thing
And she’ll make me want to sing
And thank God for His gracious giving
Cuz without Him nothing would be happening
So with that Ima close and leave
Enough of me pretending this is prophecy
Like if it all happened this way—“Sweet!”
But if not, God, You alone deserve the glory
While I'm waiting for her, that ain't all
cuz maybe before then the trumpet will call
the heavens might fall--sinners appalled
please oh please LORD do not stall
I'm looking forward to meeting my future wife
but this line of thinking leads to strife
Matthew 22:30-- I should desire Christ
wives and marriage absent in next life
Christ be my all-- someday You'll come
blazing resplendent in glory to gather the sum
of those You died to redeem--sinners fear numbed
as all the saints shout, “Jesus please come”
so Christ be my focus-- Hebrews 12:2
Matthew 6:33-- I'm seeking only You
if You bring her to me, glory to You
Sooner the better, but this is all true

Girl, to you I’ll make this vow
As before God at the altar we bow
I promise to love you with all my heart
Until death do us part
I promise it in sickness or in health
In poorness or in wealth
In persecution or in peace
You I cannot wait to meet

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